Disable Enable Cookies of your Computer Browsers

Chrome Cookies
Cookies is the arm of the websites so that it will open naturally in our browsers. In fact, cookies is a messages or a small files came from a web browsers that commonly called cookie.txt in our computer. That when you open or request a sites or another page from the server, our computer browsers will sent the cookie back to the server. This cookies also can help a user to find easily the URL once they type a certain sites using the address bar of the browsers we have use, such as a Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer and other web browsers that same we use in our smart phones.

Mozilla Cookies
Our web browsers are equipped with this settings, as we are the users of the Internet, we have different purpose and situation when we talk about Internet. Some of us commonly use or open the social networks, such as Facebook. Other use the Internet in home for student research, emails, viewing internet videos, such as YouTube. And the other hand and the most use as access for the businesses. And use for company websites as portal of data for sending and receiving of certain application of a database.

 IE Cookies
In a common situation regardless of using our browsers for the Internet, some of the users cause a violation in their work. Because of not doing their jobs in a required time. They sideline to open a sites during working hours, commonly the Facebook is the cause. So in this case, our browsers are equipped to block this cookies of a certain sites. So that, when it is assign as block site, it will not open naturally in our browsers or it will ask to enable a cookies first before a site will open in our computer browsers. And that the mission of this post to guide you and learn with this settings. Kindly follow the instruction below:

To help you guide pls. see the post pictures above:

In Google Chrome
  1. Double click in your Desktop the browser that you have.
  2. Once, it is completely open in your computer, click settings button top right side of your browser’s screen.
  3. Then click the settings menu located below of the drop/down.
  4. Then it will open another page of your browser, then navigate below and click the show Advance settings.
  5. Then click content settings under of the privacy.
  6. Now, it will open a pop up window, now there lot of options that will see, select and click the option called “Block Sites from setting any data”.
  7. Then click manage exceptions button.
  8. Now another another popup window will open, just click the hostname pattern bar and inside it type the URL or site address of a site you wanted to block.
  9. Then in the right side select a behavior, just click the down bar and select block.
  10. Then click done button below.
  11. And your finish.
  12. Just the procedure if you want to block another site cookies of a site.

In Mozilla Firefox
  1. Click the menu button and choose OPTION button, it is top right side and above the gear button of your Mozilla screen.
  2. Click the PRIVACY panel or the menu panel situated above the OPTIONS window.
  3. Click the down arrow bar called “Firefox will” then select click “Use Custom Settings for history”
  4. Then uncheck the “Accept cookies from sites” to disable cookies and check if you want enable cookies from sites.
  5. Click ok to close the OPTION window. 

In Internet Explorer
  1. Click Tools Menu button
  2. Click internet options
  3. Click Privacy tab of the Internet Options Window
  4. Drag up the sliding bar to disabled all the cookies from sites. And if you want to enabled the cookies just drag in the middle the sliding bar.

That’s it all the sites that needs cookies before you can login will ask you to enable the cookies you disabled in the settings, one of that is the Facebook.
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Cookies is the arm of the websites so that it will open naturally in our browsers. In fact, cookies is a messages or a small files came...
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