Possible Questions During NC2 Exam

The oral interview is the most crucial and very interesting part of the exam of NC2. Students must be prepared during and before the exam. All the possible subject must be practice both the Oral Interview or called Q and A and the actual application that the assessors may possibly given to the examiners. Aside about the hardware questions like the question about the motherboard or MOBO by naming the parts of it including the use and functions. There are other questions where possibly question to you and that you need to know it and aware of it because the exam is very time consuming.

This post that I publish here is not the actual questions during the exam but all the lines of questions that remembered and learn of it, I wrote here and this will help you to learn of it. But there are no answers provided here. You need to study it and you need to found the answers using your effort and stock knowledge during your training and schooling of universities and government schools. If you search this site there are lot of post here that you can knowledge of it and most of all ideas. All the possible acronyms and abbreviations found in the GLOSSARY of this site. Just study it and memorize it or you need to familiar all the parts that once you see it you can explain it intellectually to your assessor. So just read the following lines of questions below.

Most of the questions most in the troubleshooting skills that we learn maybe from our experience or from the trainings. But anything of the subject matter that listed in the test papers can be asked. Most probably you need to master the part of the MOBO as I said above including the basic knowledge of networking such as the color coding of the LAN wiring and the classes and formats of the Internet Protocol or IP.
  1. In troubleshooting, what are the beep codes we commonly encountered. 
  2. What is component isolation during trouble shooting or called isolation procedure, component Isolation, and RAM isolation.
  3. What are the 5’s we are using that we learn in Occupational Health and Safety be included the 10’ s.
  4. Memorize the acronyms of computer including the keys of the keyboard.
  5. You need to learn the installation of the windows 98, and learn the trouble that during the testing it fails to start and after the “Start windows messages appears. How to trouble this error and you can name at least two procedures.
  6. You need to learn the installation of the dual boot system so that you can answer this; you have configures the dual boot system of windows Xp and win 98 partition. You check the installation of winxp or win2000 and it looks good. But however when you boot to win98 you cannot see the files in the NTFS partition. What might be the possible problem of the installation?
  7. How to install dual boot system. Explain it in front of your assessor. win2k or winxp and win98.
  8. What is the error when a customer heard a lots of noise coming from the HDD. After you perform the diagnose of your self and heard it, you notice the high pitch seems to be coming from the fan of power supply unit (PSU). Which of the component have a failure and which of the two needs to be replace.
  9. What is the error of the HP printer if your receive “50 service error”?
  10. A customer complaints that he cannot use his computer. When he turn it on for work there are no display in the monitor screen and he hears a series of beeps. The beeps are in the sequence of one long beep followed by two short beeps. Then you tell the customer to bring in your shop for checkup. But after the diagnose you able to identify the failure. What is the error or failure and what is the next step to solve the problem?
  11. What is the meaning or error if you see an error of the POST called “201”?
  12. What is the two commands of the MS-DOS that use to configure the computer?
  13. You install a newly audio in your computer but after you reboot your computer you notice that device is not recognize by the system. Then your modem installed in your computer that work perfectly is now stop functioning. What is the probable cause of the problem?
  14. What is the correct procedure or steps using the IP protocol Ipconfig in winXp or 2k?
  15. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol is a collection of protocols that help to manage the internet communication. Each of our computer of the have a IP assign to it. Now what is IP address and describes the classes and formats of it.
  16. What is the correct procedure in running the backup utility program?
  17. You setup a network of computer but each computer act as a client and server and each users share its other resources such as printers and accessing the files. What is the correct term or you you called that networks?
  18. Using the email, it is a sending and receiving electronics mail messages is a common benefits of the internet. Assuming a user have an access to the internet in a properly configured PC. What is needed before a user can use the email services?
  19. What is the name of the executable command for backup for DOS in windows 3.x?
  20. How do you command the MS-DOS to start the Microsoft anti virus?
  21. What would you use to map the network drive of windows 9x and windows 2000 or XP?
  22. How to setup a new Dial up networking (DUN) in windows 9x or win 98 system?
  23. What is the third element required to configure a windows 2000 system as a network client? a client? an adapter? an_____________?
  24. You are enable printer and file sharing of your computer network using the windows. You now need to specify how the security will be handled. What is the options?
  25. Using the windows 9x or win 2000 workstation, what components we need to connect the Microsoft Network server?
  26. A computer experience a random reboots and phantom problems that disappear after reboot. How to you solve this problem?
  27. What is the common problem that a computer DOT Matrix printer experiencing a paper jam?
  28. What is the proper command to install the recovery console as startup option in the CD ROM E: drive?
  29. What is the final option in the configure screen menu?
  30. What program in control panel that use to create a startup disk?
  31. Study the different type of backup of computer such differential backup and custom backup.
  32. Study the HP printer failure that cause the formatter error.
  33. Study the FAT and NTFS filling system of computer partition.  
These are all I know you must study the troubleshooting stated in the questions above and not all of the questions I wrote will be question but its depend to the assessor. All you need is to study, apply, and learn it. “End”
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The oral interview is the most crucial and very interesting part of the exam of NC2. Students must be prepared during and before the ...
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