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Complete Parts and Function of Computer Keyboard


Write A Specific Inventory of the NC2 Exam

Write A Specific Inventory of the NC2 Exam
One of task perform during the NC2 exam is to write the Hardware Specifications of the computer that assign to you. Actually it is dismantled first before the exam will start. The writing of the hardware is not the critical aspects of the exam but it is recorded your performance how you write a certain specs of the computer. This is one of the forms that you need to write what are your stock knowledge as you learn during schooling, industry experience, and or during training. This is perform before the Q & E and before the hardware be assembled properly. And you need it to write very specific, easy to red, and do your effort not to erase and leave a scratch because it is your form that your accessory will get a performance and will decide that your competent of the disassemble and assemble personal computer.

Remember this is only a guide a help to you to learn as we do our best to pass the exam, so do your best to study and familiarize and memorize the hardware and materials of the computer. Not only that, you need also to learn about the assessment center, including the working area where the exam perform. You need to familiarize the equipment use of that working area including the specs also, such as fire extinguisher. The very idea is to visit earlier the assessment center or visit it before the day of the exam. Just study the table below how I write the specs of the computer.


Possible Questions During NC2 Exam

The oral interview is the most crucial and very interesting part of the exam of NC2. Students must be prepared during and before the exam. All the possible subject must be practice both the Oral Interview or called Q and A and the actual application that the assessors may possibly given to the examiners. Aside about the hardware questions like the question about the motherboard or MOBO by naming the parts of it including the use and functions. There are other questions where possibly question to you and that you need to know it and aware of it because the exam is very time consuming.

This post that I publish here is not the actual questions during the exam but all the lines of questions that remembered and learn of it, I wrote here and this will help you to learn of it. But there are no answers provided here. You need to study it and you need to found the answers using your effort and stock knowledge during your training and schooling of universities and government schools. If you search this site there are lot of post here that you can knowledge of it and most of all ideas. All the possible acronyms and abbreviations found in the GLOSSARY of this site. Just study it and memorize it or you need to familiar all the parts that once you see it you can explain it intellectually to your assessor. So just read the following lines of questions below.

Most of the questions most in the troubleshooting skills that we learn maybe from our experience or from the trainings. But anything of the subject matter that listed in the test papers can be asked. Most probably you need to master the part of the MOBO as I said above including the basic knowledge of networking such as the color coding of the LAN wiring and the classes and formats of the Internet Protocol or IP.
  1. In troubleshooting, what are the beep codes we commonly encountered. 
  2. What is component isolation during trouble shooting or called isolation procedure, component Isolation, and RAM isolation.
  3. What are the 5’s we are using that we learn in Occupational Health and Safety be included the 10’ s.

Change Download Destination of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers

Chrome Download Distination
One of the common use of the internet browser is to download files came from the internet sites. The word “download” is to get certain files that came from a site down to your computer drive. And the default download drive destination is the My Documents folder that commonly seen on the Desktop of your computer in all windows versions. This default destination is to download files is located in the drive c: partition. Which is the partition or a stationary drive of the Operating System. This drive is intended only for the files and folders of the operating system. And basically, all the program files are stored in one of the folders of the operating system called Programs. This drive could be filled with files and data or no space available or virtual memory full. If all the data, files including internet files(pictures or movie), stored in this location. And this drive also is the center of the virus infiltration that can harm your download files. Or else your download files carried virus files. But basically, you need to update your virus scanner to avoid serious damage caused by this virus. But on the other hand, full storage of drive can cause damage. Or corrupt programs manage by your operating system. And one of the causes of full drive storage is your downloaded files came from an internet site.