Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheets Chart Application

One of the most common use of the Microsoft Office 2007 and the rest of all versions is the Charts. This is use to analyze or determine a mode or data behavior for a certain application. The application commonly applied using a percentage of data whether it is lower or higher or it is gradually decreasing or increasing.

In Microsoft Excel 2007 it is very easy to create a professional looking chart using the worksheet area in a single workbook. Simply by using a chart type, there are lot of available chart type that you can click inside the ribbon menu. Such as the column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and other charts embedded and ready to use such as the radar chart.You can either select a professional looking charts template using the windows button at the top left portion of the user interface of the MS-Excel, then click new menu and in the left bar you can select now a template for your worksheet data.


In creating chart in Excel 2007 or 2010 simply insert first the data in your worksheet table that you can modify or format later. See the image shown above as my example. And just follow this instruction for your practice. It is need also that you have a knowledge or basic knowledge in how to use the Microsoft Excel 2007.
  1. Create your worksheet table for your data
  2. Insert your data, just like as what I inserted in my table
  3. Then you can highlight all data or just select either by columns or rows using the Control Key and click of your mouse or dragging.
  4. Then click insert tab menu
  5. Then in the ribbon menu buttons called charts select your chart style by clicking it.
  6. As the button goes down just select your style by clicking it, example 3-d columns.
  7. It will automatically put in your worksheet area. Just arrange it by pointing your white crosshair mouse cursor at the outline of the chart.
  8. Then drag it to arrange.
  9. After it you can add any formats that it will look professional looking, either you can use the format menu, design, or layout.
  10. Then your done.
Note: The format, layout, design menu are chart tools that is hidden in the tab menu while there are no chart to be formatted, all you need is to click first the chart.

  • The Microsoft Excel 2007 or 2010 is fully integrated in other application program of the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010, like the Microsoft Office word 2007 and the PowerPoint 2007. Both programs provide the complete tools the same with the application of the Microsoft Excel 2007.

  • In PowerPoint you can use the tab menu and click your chart style in the ribbon menu. It will separate two programs interface of Microsoft PowerPoint and the Microsoft Excel. Simple because, your chart style in PowerPoint slide template and your data reference in Microsoft Excel Worksheet Area.

  • Both the three common programs of the Microsoft Office are working together. If you wanted to present it in a crowd of audience. You can copy and paste your chart finish work in PowerPoint Presentation including the word processing.

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One of the most common use of the Microsoft Office 2007 and the rest of all versions is the Charts. This is use to analyze or determine...
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