How to Link Facebook and Twitter Account

How To Link Facebook And Twitter Account Social Media are very rampant in our community, almost the members of our family got to create a Facebook account. But in other side of the Internet there is also a Social Media Sites that very famous and commonly use by the internet users and this is the, Twitter is also a social media networks and microblogging sites that give service to users an online service and allow to sent and read message of of 140 characters that commonly called “tweets”. Same as of Facebook you need to register first before you can post your tweets and connect/link your sites and index their your posted articles of your blog or sites.
Now to make this two accounts very visible to the users of the internet you need to link your accounts both the Facebook and Twitter using your registered account of Facebook. As you see at the right side top of your screen there is a key button or icon which is you can set your account settings of your Facebook. Lets start here:
  1. Open your Facebook Account using your web browser.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Once you log-in, click the key icon or button at the top right side of your screen.
  4. Then click see more settings at the bottom of the drop menus.
  5. Then the Privacy Settings and Tools page will display in your screen.
  6. Just click at the left side bar, the link called “Followers”.
  7. After you click it you will see their called “Connect a Twitter Account”.
  8. Now click it.
  9. After you click it their will be a button called “link Profile to twitter”.
  10. Now click it.
  11. Just wait a while until the page will change to to authorize Facebook to use your account.
  12. Now under it type in the bar your username and password of your Twitter account.
  13. Now click the authorize apps button.
  14. Then the page will redirecting you again in your Facebook account.
  15. Once you will see the two logo’s of the Facebook and twitter, just click the save changes button at the bottom of your page.
  16. Now once you read the save changes now, your done.

And that’s it, see you next post. “End”

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Social Media are very rampant in our community, almost the members of our family got to create a Facebook account . But in other side of ...
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