How to Diagnose PC Hardware Problems

How To Diagnose PC Hardware Problems

Usually occur in our computers, both hardware and software trouble. And it is very hard to identify the trouble where the parts came to failure or damage. Such as the main hardware; motherboard, memory, or the video card itself if it is not shared to the motherboard, or the power supply unit that commonly we heard a high-pitched noise in the hard disk section and the cooler fan.

But we need to identify it surely as we can, so that we can repair and change the damage parts as early because computer are part of our office work or a control system of a machine to perform a certain task. This is the purpose of this post, the paragraph below states how and where the trouble is both using our senses.

Check the following hardware that probably cause the problem
When I turn the computer it no sounds and there are no lights
  • Check the power supply
  • Check the motherboard
  • Check the system unit power switch and LED indicator
  • Check the power source
  • Check the power cable
When I turn on the computer, only beeps I heard
  • Follow beep codes of any hardware trouble, the common beep codes trouble indicator is series of beeps that indicates memory failure and one lone followed by two short beeps indicates video card failure.
  • Check the keyboard
  • Check the video card or VGA
  • Check the memory or RAM
  • Check the Motherboard or MOBO
When I turn on the computer it sounds normal but the screen is blank
  • Check the monitor screen has power
  • Check the VGA slot and the Video card
  • Check the GPU cooler fan 
When I turn on the computer it starts up but the operating system never loaded
  • Check the Hard disk if it is detected by the BIOS System, if it is detected proceed to check the start up and partition.
  • Check the memory
  • Check the Motherboard
  • Check the CPU
When I turn on the computer it freezes before the operating system starts to load
  • Check the Video Card VGA
  • Check the Memory RAM
  • Check the power supply PSU
  • Check the motherboard  MOBO
  • Check the CPU
When I turn it on It freezes while the operating system is loading
  • This is probably cause by a corrupt or damage of the startup probably cause by a VIRUS or USER’s error. You need installer to try to repair the damage startup or restore the system. But you can try to F8 by safe mode the OS and uninstall the drivers software.
While the computer is power up and load the OS it makes a screeching or other louse noise
  • Check the power supply, CPU, Case, or other internal Fans inside the system Unit
  • Check the CD ROM tray inside
  • Check the Hard Disk Drive
  • Check the floppy disk Drive if available in your PC
When I turn the computer it shutdown itself off or automatically off
  • Check the power supply features in the BIOS system
  • Check the power features in the windows control or in the control panel
  • Check the power supply output if there are damage Capacitor.
  • Check that all fans are ok and working normal of rotation, you need to lubricate the fan.
  • Check the dust build up inside the system unit. 
That’s all if you have any questions or any other trouble you encountered kindly message me using this page contact me I will try to answer your questions how to repair your unit. See you next post.
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Usually occur in our computers, both hardware and software trouble . And it is very hard to identify the trouble where the parts came...
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