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Computer Network Printer, Files and Folders Sharing

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I posted last day about how to configure  Network connections of computer or called LAN. Now next to configure is the connection of the printer using the network connection of the computer. One of the purpose why we need to configure the Network Connections, it is because we need the common devices that we need in our offices or with our home. Such as the printer or we called it network printer. Because it not acceptable that every computer in our offices have its individual printer. Therefore, one of the computer needs to host the printer so that all of the computer within the networks can perform the hard copy of the files.

Another use of the Network connections is the file and folder sharing. This is one of the most common use of the networks because all of us, as a user of the computer we are dealing with the processing of a files or documents. And this documents commonly stored in a folder or directory.

Just follow the instruction below how to configure the printer connection of your network or in your LAN. But before you on, assured that you configured properly your network connections, the workgroup and the TCP/IP.


Before you go on disable first the firewall, use the control panel to access this in your computer.
  1. Click Start button
  2. Point to settings
  3. Click Control Panel
  4. Double click Printer and Faxes
  5. Double click Add Printer (Printer
  6. Add Printer Wizard window will display in your screen
  7. Click Next button, "be sure to select" “A network printer, or …. “
  8. Then click Next button, be sure to select "Browse Printer"
  9. Then click Next button, be sure to select workgroup of your printer and select the installed Network Printer
  10. Then Next,
  11. Click Yes
  12. Then Finish


  1. Right click the folder you wanted to share
  2. Click Properties
  3. click Sharing Tab at the top of the pop-up window
  4. Select "Network Sharing and Security"
  5. (Click “If you understand the Security Risk…”) Just Enable Sharing
  6. OK
  7. Check box or tick "Select share this folder on the network"
  8. OK


  1. Click Start button
  2. Point to Settings
  3. Click Control Panel
  4. Double Click Printer and Faxes
  5. Right Click in the Installed
  6. Printer, ex: Epson T10
  7. Then Share this printer
  8. OK
This configuration of the connection of the printer and the file and folder sharing within your Network the same configuration also when your network connection is using the Peer to Peer. The only difference is, the LAN wiring you use, we are using the crossover connection most specially if you have only two computers connected in your networks. That's all just leave your suggestions and message in the comment bar below of this post. "End"

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