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Change User Interface Color Scheme of Microsoft Office 2007

MS PowerPoint Blackcolor
Microsoft PowerPoint
As you open your Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you will see a default color of blue and the font. Using this color scheme the name of the menus particularly the name of every ribbon bar is not clear. And also it creates an over brightness of our eyesight that probably create disturbance.  
MS Excel Black color
Microsoft Excel

To resolve this disturbances to our eyesight in using the Microsoft Office, this application is built-in with the color scheme that you can change anytime you want to change the default view to a new view of the User Interface of our eyesight.Either you can change to other two color scheme available such as the black and silver color. Same as the image shown above of this post.

MS Word Black color
Microsoft Word

So, to see is to believe just follow the giant instruction below of this post.

  1. Just open your Microsoft Word or any of your Microsoft Office application.
  2. Once it open, click the windows button above left of your screen.
  3. Once the button dropping down click the excel button or word button it depends of what application that you have use. It is located below of the dropping bar.
  4. An Excel Box or word  box will appear, under of the popular menu position left side bar of that window, just find the “always use clear type color scheme”
  5. Beside it just checkbox it if none.
  6. Then right side of it there is a drop/down bar that have a blue inside it.
  7. Just click it
  8. Once it dropping down, select and click a color scheme you want example black.
  9. Then click OK button below, it will automatically change the color of your user interface.
  10. And your done.
This will not apply to the entire application program of the Microsoft Office such as the Publisher, this is commonly for the MS-WORD, EXCEL, and PowerPoint. “End”

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