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Change User Interface Color Scheme of Microsoft Office 2007

MS PowerPoint Blackcolor
Microsoft PowerPoint
As you open your Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you will see a default color of blue and the font. Using this color scheme the name of the menus particularly the name of every ribbon bar is not clear. And also it creates an over brightness of our eyesight that probably create disturbance.  
MS Excel Black color
Microsoft Excel

To resolve this disturbances to our eyesight in using the Microsoft Office, this application is built-in with the color scheme that you can change anytime you want to change the default view to a new view of the User Interface of our eyesight.Either you can change to other two color scheme available such as the black and silver color. Same as the image shown above of this post.

MS Word Black color
Microsoft Word

So, to see is to believe just follow the giant instruction below of this post.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Multiple IF Function


Yesterday, I was posted about the IF function of the Microsoft Office Excel using 2007, 2003, or even 97 versions that you can use to perform logical calculations of your worksheet data. Now another use of Microsoft Excel using the IF function is the multiple IF functions. This is understood that you can perform a series of multiple conditions base on the logical reference of your worksheet data. Using the logical test of greater than or equal to or like this (>=). This logical function can perform multiple lists of conditions using the autofill tab. By dragging your mouse downward after your syntax is the logically correct base of the product entry of your worksheet.


Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheets Chart Application

One of the most common use of the Microsoft Office 2007 and the rest of all versions is the Charts. This is use to analyze or determine a mode or data behavior for a certain application. The application commonly applied using a percentage of data whether it is lower or higher or it is gradually decreasing or increasing.

In Microsoft Excel 2007 it is very easy to create a professional looking chart using the worksheet area in a single workbook. Simply by using a chart type, there are lot of available chart type that you can click inside the ribbon menu. Such as the column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and other charts embedded and ready to use such as the radar chart.You can either select a professional looking charts template using the windows button at the top left portion of the user interface of the MS-Excel, then click new menu and in the left bar you can select now a template for your worksheet data.


Learn about Templates of Microsoft Word

MS-Word 2007 template Have you experienced you need to find a template for a certain application? such as you need a document like a resume as one of the requirements you need to apply for a new job? or else you needed a template for other purposes of a document. Now you got it, simple to find, it's all intact inside the Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 itself. All you need is to click and select your best appropriate for your document application. All you need is to type only the contents and the editable part of a certain document. 

And what is a Template of Microsoft Office Word? According to Microsoft, “A template is a document type that creates a copy of itself when you open it. In Microsoft Office Word 2007, a template can be a .dotx file, or it can be a .dotm file (a .dotm file type allows you to enable macros in the file). 

How to Diagnose PC Hardware Problems

How To Diagnose PC Hardware Problems

Usually occur in our computers, both hardware and software trouble. And it is very hard to identify the trouble where the parts came to failure or damage. Such as the main hardware; motherboard, memory, or the video card itself if it is not shared to the motherboard, or the power supply unit that commonly we heard a high-pitched noise in the hard disk section and the cooler fan.

But we need to identify it surely as we can, so that we can repair and change the damage parts as early because computer are part of our office work or a control system of a machine to perform a certain task. This is the purpose of this post, the paragraph below states how and where the trouble is both using our senses.

Check the following hardware that probably cause the problem
When I turn the computer it no sounds and there are no lights
  • Check the power supply
  • Check the motherboard
  • Check the system unit power switch and LED indicator
  • Check the power source
  • Check the power cable

How to Link Facebook and Twitter Account

How To Link Facebook And Twitter Account Social Media are very rampant in our community, almost the members of our family got to create a Facebook account. But in other side of the Internet there is also a Social Media Sites that very famous and commonly use by the internet users and this is the Twitter.com, Twitter is also a social media networks and microblogging sites that give service to users an online service and allow to sent and read message of of 140 characters that commonly called “tweets”. Same as of Facebook you need to register first before you can post your tweets and connect/link your sites and index their your posted articles of your blog or sites.
Now to make this two accounts very visible to the users of the internet you need to link your accounts both the Facebook and Twitter using your registered account of Facebook. As you see at the right side top of your screen there is a key button or icon which is you can set your account settings of your Facebook. Lets start here:
  1. Open your Facebook Account using your web browser.
  2. Login to your account.

Corel Draw’s File Formats

Corel Draw’s File Formats
Talking about management of the files is one of the critical aspects of the application. If you don't know the file formats or a source file of a certain files you cannot go on with your application of the Corel Draw. Corel draw is a graphical application that frequently define of the internet as victor editor, which can perform editing of bitmap image, photo paint, and other graphical application related programs. This is an advance application of the windows paint that commonly neglected or not use by the users of the Microsoft Windows Operating System in all versions. This can be access using the programs/ accessories/ or all programs of the Windows 7. You can use this windows paint for your casual art then edit it in Corel Draw. The problem is how to import this files in the Corel Draw template.

Corel Draw's native file formats under its application is called .cdr its no longer new that this format cannot be integrated to many applications right away without proper file format conversions. If you like to save to open your file to other drawing applications like Illustrator, you must choose AI format under the file type drop-down bar provided in the save dialogue box. Other formats are also supported.

Computer Network Printer, Files and Folders Sharing

Image by: Pixabay.com
I posted last day about how to configure  Network connections of computer or called LAN. Now next to configure is the connection of the printer using the network connection of the computer. One of the purpose why we need to configure the Network Connections, it is because we need the common devices that we need in our offices or with our home. Such as the printer or we called it network printer. Because it not acceptable that every computer in our offices have its individual printer. Therefore, one of the computer needs to host the printer so that all of the computer within the networks can perform the hard copy of the files.

Another use of the Network connections is the file and folder sharing. This is one of the most common use of the networks because all of us, as a user of the computer we are dealing with the processing of a files or documents. And this documents commonly stored in a folder or directory.

Just follow the instruction below how to configure the printer connection of your network or in your LAN. But before you on, assured that you configured properly your network connections, the workgroup and the TCP/IP.