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Reply Comments In YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel YouTube channel is one of the most trending application of the internet. This is one of the most idea to earn money or income using the Internet account. And YouTube is one of the most generous that give time to all users of the Google to be one of their partner using the YouTube.

YouTube is one of the profitable product of Google and particularly to all YouTube Publisher. Because YouTube is a video sharing community site, all you need is to become a video publisher. And if your videos is trending in YouTube it is expected more comments and suggestions will flooded in your account. And one of your obligations as a publisher is to answer all the questions, suggestions, and the comments to get satisfy your reader and viewer.
The following list of procedures below describes how to reply your readers and viewer using the video manager of your YouTube Channel Account.
  1. Open your YouTube account.
  2. And click your profile account right side above of your screen.
  3. Click My Channel
  4. And click video manager
  5. In left side bar click community
  6. Now you will see a list of comments that need to reply
  7. In the comment bar click the reply button
  8. Then in the comment bar you own type your answers.
  9. If you want to rate the comments and suggestions click the rated button right side of the reply.
  10. And your done.
If you cannot reply to the comments and suggestions of your reader and viewer just check your comments settings just below of the community of the right sidebar of the screen. Be sure that your default settings is set to allow all comments. “End”