Microsoft Stops Windows Xp Support

MicrosoftXpNews One of the hot news from Microsoft Corp.. The owner of the Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office for our computers today who said that no support for Microsoft Windows Experience or (Xp). And it was published on April 8, 2014 in their official publishing site the MSN. And it also sends them all with the email accounts of the

Even decrepitude version of Windows Xp many still using it because it's easy to use and know how to use it extensively . Think more than 12 years it used by people especially here in the Philippines . And even now of this month of 2014 and the month that Microsoft said not to support Windows Xp are still many users . One reason is the costs of buying new hardware and those new version of Windows Called Windows 7 or 8 is too expensive . But it is truth what comments people especially for the Filipinos . But the truth also with the side of the Microsoft is making a new version for its innovative use for people especially for business .
Microsoft said that , " provided support for Microsoft Windows XP for the past 12 years . But the time came for us , along with our hardware and software partners , to invest our resources Toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences . As a result , technical assistance for Windows XP is no longer available , including automatic updates that help your PC protected . "
Many are asking, "how the programs especially the databases that support only the Windows Xp Operating System?" For this answer you will read this link: Upgrade Windows Xp to Windows 8.1. This versions of the Operating System is design to enhance the use of the Smart Phones or Mobile Phones today. That almost the people of the country side uses the smart phones to access applications, social medias, and email accounts. The new versions of the hardwares and devices of our computer now are capable or compatible with the New versions of the Operating System. It is understood that the Microsoft can automatically updates all of its applications from the internet down to the desktop programs. And the most responsive application of the internet phones that support the Wireless communication (WIFI).

Lets go on and laid our experience and knowledge to the new technology that we have now. “End” 

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One of the hot news from Microsoft Corp.. The owner of the Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office for our computers toda...
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