How to Manage Computer Virus Scanner

Tandem Virus Scanner The virus scanner of our computer is one and first to install in our computer after formatting or reformatting during installation of the computer software. I said software because before the any program we must install first the Operating System. Because the Virus Scanner is the one to protect our newly installed operating system. It is possible that the programs we need in our computer came from the storage devices that probably penetrated with the virus. Or else came from the Internet sites that carried a virus file and once it downloaded to your computer it will cause hang up then it will damage the operating system.

There are many type of viruses that could harm in our computer like the most prominent form of virus that commonly attack our computer this called Trojan. This virus have a multiple virus version that the virus scanner definition is could not define the version in every seconds once you are using your computer in internet or desktop application.

The virus scanner that I know is could perform of the best protection of our computer is the Avira, AVG, Avast, Node 32. The Avira, is widely used in our City because of free edition and auto updates once you turn on your computer and your internet ready. And it's best for scanning if your computer penetrated with a virus.

There are three things that you need to protect your computer against the viruses. Without this or you not perform this in your computer, I'm sure that your computer is subject for reformatting the Hard Disk Drive or else your important files will be lost. Just read it below:


The very easy way to update your virus scanner is to right click the notification Icon of the virus scanner that you have, like the AVIRA, it is the red umbrella icon then click update or else double click the Avira Icon in your desktop. So that it will open and find and click the update button.


Perform Virus scanning of your computer in all drives, just open the virus scanner icon of your desktop and find the scan vrus button and click it. So that it will perform virus scanning in all drives. Remove all files that infected with the virus or else use the move to quarantine for safety of your files.


Deactivated virus scanner can harm your computer files and the Operating System. It will cause damage or corrupt to the files once it can detect virus but could not perform to remove the virus detected because there are no updated virus definition. Use the control Panel then click uninstall program menu under it and find and remove the virus scanner you previously installed. If you want to use other third party software. Just download the CCcleaner new versions that available in
It is recommended to run fully the virus scanner in every after use and perform the virus update by performing the instruction above of this post. “End” 

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The virus scanner of our computer is one and first to install in our computer after formatting or reformatting during installation of the...
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