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How to Fix Virtual Memory Low Problem of Computer


Our computer uses a two type of software that serves as  very important to perform applications of a certain users. This two software are the Operating system(OS) and the programs. Operating System serves to manage the usage of the computer system and serves as the foundation of the programs. No programs can run without the coordination of the Operating System.

There are a lot of a problem that a computer user will be encountered. And one of that is the “Low Virtual Memory” it will notify in the right down portion of your screen using the balloon tips of the taskbar. This could be happen if a computer users running a many program or installed a lot of a program into the large capacity storage or the Hard Disk Drive.

That the computer system’s taking up a lot of memory usage and the computer perform a maximum of its memory that the computer can handle. You can fix this problem by manually increasing the size of virtual memory that your computer setting it or use it.


  1. In start button, click run
  2. In the run bar type this “sysdm.cpl
  3. Click ok button or press Enter Key
  4. The system properties window will appear
  5. Click the tab menu Advance
  6. Find the performance heading then click settings button
  7. Another window will appear, click the advance tab menu
  8. Then in the lower portion of that window click change button, note: you will see the default virtual memory that your computer being use
  9. In virtual memory window see the paging file example: local drive c: 1536- 3072. I will change it to 2000 as a minimum allowed and max of 4072.
  10. Then click set button then click ok
  11. Then restart your computer for fully effectiveness.
  12. Check it after restart.
That’s all. Follow this post for the next version of the operating system how to set the virtual memory size. “End”