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Google made the best are those who manufacture different language translator in the field in Internet information . Google is very committed language translator throughout the Internet world . You now have 51 languages can be translated into the different languages.

The webmasters that own websites by Google has a widgets that automatically translate the language of the entire sites . It is a best thing to help users to understand the sites the information they need . And also the big things that help site builders or blog to expand his knowledge of the need of its site users especially those who have not previously studied English , for example in the Philippines using their own language . I understood it and I question if they ever makes intelligent article or composition writing using the English language . And they say not much , and that's the truth because hard to write using the English language . But you have to really because all around us in workshop , work , school , and even at home we have the Computer . And the computer language is not Tagalog but its really English language and truly written in a computer program .

But now really okay to write Tagalog and by the Google Translate now we can write using Tagalog and automatically translated to English language. And this is the most beautiful gift given by Google to us will not be too difficult to translate the Filipino language to English. And a big help to teachers in different country side especially in the Philippine Students to be taught in the very simplest way in English language.

And the purpose why I written this article, to share with all people using this information and how to use it. Mainly you need to know to use a computer or how to use the computer browser. Because the Google Translator is not a dictionary is a site on the Internet and to open it to your computer using the Google Chrome browser. You can use Monzilla prepareably Firefox but Chrome is the most recommended.

It is easy to do, read and carefully follow the listed below:
  1. Just open your Google Chrome browser if not use the Monzilla Firefox or other browsers of your computer.
  2. Now click the application button right top below of the navigation bar and click search.
  3. If the search bar displayed in the screen type inside it this Google Translate
  4. Click the search button in the right
  5. Just select the Google Translate link and click it.
  6. You will open to the page called Google Translate.
  7. Now below of the word translate, select your language as you are, example Pilipino.
  8. Then in the right side portion select the language that you need to use, example English.
  9. Now type a word, paragraph or even an article and you will see that your composition is automatically translated in other language.
And this is all I know in this article and we hope it helped a lot for you to use and full of inspiration to every life. “End”

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Google made the best are those who manufacture different language translator in the field in Internet information . Google is very commi...
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