Google New Browser-“Parts and Function”

GOOGLE'S NEW BROWSER Google updated it’s new version of its browser as of 2014, commonly version 36.0.1976.2 dev-m, A web browser built for speed, simplicity, and security. This browser called as Chrome that made of to compete the other common browsers such as the Mozilla Firefox and the Microsoft Internet Explorer. This changes made the Google new interface of its Home browsers that enable the users of the Internet to easily open or access it’s account base of the Google Chrome all products. It is understood that if you login in your Google Mail or Gmail, you are login also in all Google Products, such as the best video sharing community called “YouTube”. And one of the most popular Google Product whom buildup most of the Internet users to become Entrepreneurs and site builders called “Blogger” that have a domain name of the internet called BlogSpot as one of the unique Google’s Product.

Because new versions was build it is also needed to understand the new environment of the program. Such as this Google Chrome that need to download first and installed it in our computer before we can use it in accessing the International Networks(Internet). This version of the Google Chrome has change a lot compare to the old versions.

This post dedicated mostly to the beginners of the computer, most of all to the senior citizens that realizing the need of the technology as of this generation. Gadgets is everywhere and the use of the portable computers is inevitable among of us even a very child, senior citizens, professionals, and workers. It is installed precisely in our smart cellphones that capable in accessing the Internet Applications using the Google Chrome.

Because all the Websites cannot stand without its foundation that cater it in running different applications, our computer needs a one or more than Internet Browsers and one of the most common and mostly use is the Google Chrome. Below are the parts and function of the New Google Chrome version which I stated in the first paragraph of this post.

  1. HOME PAGE- It is the first page of the Browser once you open it using its icon installed in our computer, commonly arrange in right portion of the Desktop using the Microsoft windows Operating System. It is a page of the browser that displayed the Home page of a site that commonly the default of the Chrome is also the Google Site Home page. You can change the Home Page any time you like to changing another setting of URL of a certain site example:
  2. HOME BUTTON- It is a part of the browser situated at the left part of the navigation or address bar. It is use to show the home page of the browser, once you click it will display the Home page setting of the Browser.
  3. BACK AND FORWARD PAGE BUTTON- it is use to back in previous page, once you click the forward button beside it, it will open the page where you last open in a single page of a browser.
  4. REFRESH PAGE BUTTON- if you sense that your page has gone idled or it is hard to open, use this button to refresh the mode again to enhance it’s frequency by loading it again. This is also common of the user to press the F5 or function key 5 of the keyboard.
  5. ADD PAGE BUTTON- this button located beside the default open page. If you want to open a new site or a new page just click this to open a new browser page and type your domain name or url in the address bar situated above your page.
  6. ADDRESS BAR OR NAVIGATION BAR- A websites or Blogsite you wanted to open for a certain information is just like situated very far of your location. In this situation you need to ride but the vehicle you riding needs or equip with to go beyond it and arrive very harmoniously. It’s just like the website you wanted to open. The site needs a browser to cater it so that it will open harmoniously that a user needs the importation he wanted perfectly. And one of the part of the browser is the address bar or navigation bar. This bar is equip with the component to locate a location of a certain site which commonly written as //http. or hyper text transfer protocol meaning an address.
  7. SEARCH ENGINE BAR- this bar commonly place at the center of the browser, it is use to search a query of a certain information which a user needs that information. All you need is to type a keyword or a subject matter you wanted, example if you wanted to find a pet, it is possibly a dog, cat, or a kittens. Because this is a Meta file of the internet it is very possible to gather the information 99 percent correctly the information you need.
  8. SEARCH ENGINE BUTTON- it is located below of the search engine bar. It is use to execute (by clicking the button) the query you type in the search engine bar(#7) so that the information you need, such as a website link or images will displayed in the browser page of your computer.
  9. GOOGLE LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR- because www. of the browser is world wide web of the networks of the computer, the every language that we have is very different. And possibly we could not understand the information you gather form the internet site. made of so that the problem of the language will be answered and they made it. Just click the button if you wanted to translate the language.
  10. PROFILE MENUS LINK BUTTON- this button commonly position at the right side below of the address bar is use to link a certain profile of your account of the Google Products, such as Google plus and Gmail. If you click one of the button your are automatically open in the website you wanted. And if you login first before the other sites, it is understood that no need to enter again the user name and password.
  11. DROP/DOWN MENU BUTTON- (Also Google Application Menus) it is besides of the profile link buttons, once you click this button it will drop/ down and it will displayed the icons which is also a button of a certain application of the all Google Products. Just click more button below of the ICONS if you wanted to display all the Google Icons of the all Google Products.
  12. GOOGLE ALL SIGN-IN BAR- this bar is also a button that will execute to enter a user name and password, if you don’t have an account of the Google just click below the link name Create an Account so that you can register using the signup page of the              
That’s all again just leave your comments in the comment bar if you want our help regarding the article posted right now. “End”
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Google updated it’s new version of its browser as of 2014, commonly version 36.0.1976.2 dev-m, A web browser built for speed, simplicity,...
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