Corel Draw Commands and Explanations

Corel Draw Commands and Explanations
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I posted before the parts and function of the Corel Draw, it’s better to know first the parts before using the User Interface itself. We know that as of now the application of this program is very demand in our generation. Because mostly of our document is graphical. Now the advertisement of different companies needs the application of this program. And they need a graphics artist that capable or expert to use this.

This program is precisely expert and most correlative to perform. You can draw any shape precisely according to your need to your document, example, a logo of a certain company that needed during application or registration. This program also is one of the basic application of the Animation course of a school who offered in this course. And another program is use for editing is the Adobe Photoshop. This two program are works together to enhance a certain application perform by a graphics designer. Such as the graphical application of a victor design.

So, if your a beginner or wanted to know this application personally or you are a student of a certain school needs this. This is helpful to you the Command and Expiations. You can use the following paragraph below. Just read it and study carefully.
All you need is an installed program of Corel Draw CS3 or higher in your computer. If you have no installed program of this you can download a trial version or purchase a subscription program here: Corel Draw .

Alignment in Corel Draw objects: (Shortcut Keys)
Horizontal Center
Vertical Center
Center of page
Aligning requires two or more selection of objects. You can apply alignment to an object without it’s target obviously, reason why you should select two or more objects.

You must also know that your last draw object will be placed on the top of all existing objects. That is the reason why you might not see objects behind them. To fix this and change their order , select an object then go to arrange >>> Order >>> then select an option whether to bring on the top, behind another object or behind all objects. You can also press shift + Page Down to bring selected object on the top or bottom.

To group objects, simply select object options you wanted to be part to the group. Then Arrange >>> Group. Grouped elements will behave like a single object. Applying color to an object that is part of the group will apply to all the elements in that group. When this happens you need to ungroup them first before you apply color to individual object.

Combine is totally different from Group command. Command combine connects all selected objects and applies one property to all shapes. Combined objects will carry single property only like Fill color outline width.

That’s all what I know this evening, if you have question just leave you message in the comment bar. “End”

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Picture Courtesy of:  http: // I posted before the parts and function of the Corel Draw , it’s better to know first the ...
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