Configure Computer Network Connections

Configure Network Connections
Eventhough, the Microsoft Windows Experience(Xp) Operating System unsupported of its developer, the Microsoft company. Many users, schools, and business are using until now. Even the examination of NC2 (National Certification II) is using this Operating System.

My primary purpose of this post is to let you know how to properly configure your Computer Networks within your area, this is called LAN (Local Area Networks). Not only the purpose for the application of the exam of NC2 but ultimately for your works and setting computer networks in your house or a In- house Internet Cafe.  Talking with the exam of NC2 this is perfect to perform because this is one of the critical aspects during the actual and oral interview. All you need is to memorize and familiarize the procedures and the Basic Knowledge Of Computer Networks that I was posted here in this site.

But first and foremost before the Computer Networks you need to perfect the installation of the Operating System and its two partitions and Network cabling using the RJ 45, this is very critical of the exam. If you failed this you cannot perform your Computer Networking including printer and file sharing.

Just follow the procedure below so that you will know how to configure this networks.
  1. Click on the start menu and point to settings.
  2. Then click Network Connections.
  3. Find and double click or right click on the Network and Internet Connection icon.
  4. Then click properties.
  5. Then select/click Transmission Control Protocol(TCP/IP).
  6. Then Click Properties button under it.
  7. Select Option “Use the following Ip Address”, if you have ISP select use “Obtain Ip address manually” to set the dynamic connection of the ISP.
  8. Type the Ip Address of the bars provided, note: there are four octets needs to setup IP add. And be sure to use either class A, B, or C
  9. Of the below options. it is for the ISP Ip address such as the DNS, it is both automatic or manually. During the exam is not needed, but prepare yourself for oral interview. If you’re going to setup your ISP just enter the DNS server Ip address, it is provided by your ISP server or select the obtain to set it dynamically.
  10. Then click the OK button to continue.
  11. Now you’re ready for the setup of the workgroup of the computer networks.   

Workgroup of each of the computer of the Network is very important. Because it will identify the location of the computer with the IP address configured to it and if that computer is belong to group of computers within the Networks. If the computer identify it that they have different group but same IP address, eventhough you cannot share you resources over the networks. follow the steps below:
  1. Click Start button
  2. Point to Settings
  3. Then click  control Panel
  4. Double Click System Icon
  5. Click Computer Name tab
  6. Then Click Change button below
  7. A window will display
  8. Type the new Computer Name and Workgroup
  9. Then click ok button
  10. Ok, then ok
  11. Then restart your computer.
If you completely configure this network you must to confirm whether your configuration is correct by using the “PING” Pocket Internet Grouper. Just click start button/click run/type CMD/ then in command line type this command; ex: c:\windows>ping –t if you see TTL running on the screen your confirm connected in your network. Use this even it is peer to peer connections or dedicated server connections. Just follow this post for the next update how to setup printer and file sharing over the computer networks. “End”

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Eventhough, the Microsoft Windows Experience(Xp) Operating System unsupported of its developer, the Microsoft company. Many users,...
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