Computer Troubleshooting: Fix No Power Problem of your Computer

The No Power failure of our computer is seldom happen in our computer in daily use. This failure of our computer happen only if there are shorted circuits or voltage in a line. There several factors that could be consider if this will happen. Such as over voltage, fluctuations of the circuit line, surge, and or faulty of the of the Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR). Other cause may cause of the hardware itself of the computer, one of the cause is the dust buildup inside the system unit. That cause a corrosion of the pin of microchip (IC). And or the Power Supply Unit(P.S.U.) that primarily convert the live voltage AC that commonly 220 volts here in the Philippines. The main reason is also the dust buildup inside that cause the exhaust fan coil dry-up and that it will burn- up in a moment.

If this has happened of your computer probably it will also cause damage in the other parts of your system unit. One of my customers said that his computer was burn-up. Because he smells a bad odor before his computer become no power failure. I checked his system unit (CPU) and I found that the cause of the failure is the burn of the exhaust fan coil that cause also the HDD power connector, ATX power connector burn-out inside. This causes the RAM, Processor, and the Motherboard (MOBO) itself causes failure permanently and could not be used again after troubleshooting.

If you encounter this failure of computer, give a immediate response to the problem. You need to perform the diagnostic without using the the power supply voltage. But by using a visual inspection of the parts and voltage source of your computer. Just consider the procedure below and try it to follow. And learn how you perform it and solve the problem of your computer. Use this also to solve the problem of computer: HOW TO USE VOM , SAFETY PRECAUTIONS

  • SYMPTOM:       

Power Light is off, nothing happens, nothing on screen

Possible cause:

Main source current, AVR or UPS output voltage, power connector, power supply unit (the fuse was burn), Motherboard (power regulator was damage)

  • Possible Remedies:

Check the line voltage or the wall outlet using a VOLT meter or VOM  if the standard voltage is possible (220-240 volts), Check also the output voltage of the AVR using a VOM, Check the fuse if there are burn indication just remove it in the fuse holder, check the power supply cable using a resistance check of VOM, Check the fuse of the PSU and the exhaust fan can be fanning by pushing it, check the MOBO if there are indication of the burning, and the most basic checkup is the power switch if it is ok, use the VOM resistance check if necessary.

  • Procedure:

  1. Consider that checking the failure of “No Power” is dangerous because it involves a high voltage AC. Just apply a safety precaution of your work and one of that is to unplug PC or unplug the AVR or UPS in the main line or in the wall outlet.
  2. You need a Voltage Ohmmeter(VOM) to check whether the wall outlet have a voltage. You need to apply safety precaution in using the VOM and know how to use the VOM most especially in testing a high voltage or a line voltage.
  3. Now if voltage is possible, go on by testing the AVR or UPS, but check first the fuse itself, if the fuse are blown try to replace it and test the AVR or UPS by pressing the power On switch.
  4. If the AVR and UPS indicates a normal condition check the voltage output if there are 220-240 Volts AC present. And if the voltage indicated in the VOM, consider the step no. 5
  5. Check the power cord using the resistance check of the VOM, but first check if there are any burn indication of the both end of the power cord. If the VOM indicated connectivity of the both end of the power cord proceed to step no. 6
  6. Open the system case and remove the power supply unit of the system unit then open the cover and check if the fuse is blown and using the VOM check the resistance also.
  7. IF the fuse is blown just try to replace it, then try to power up the PSU. But because this PSU is digital it has no power switch attached of the wiring. All you need is to get a paper clip. And jumper the two wire of the ATX connector color green and black.
  8. Then insert the power cord plug to the AVR or UPS voltage output. Once there are no indication of a fanning of a fan or else the fan fanning in moment then suddenly stop. The cause of the problem is the power supply, probably the power amplifier of the of the PSU was damage. Replace the power supply and before to replace it in your system unit just cleanup the internal parts.
  9. After cleaning and install the new PSU try to power up and if it is normal now. Check the BIOS setting of your computer.
  10. Then boot up now your Operating System if the OS is not affected during the failure of the PSU.      


 If the power supply fuse is suddenly blown out during testing so just consider the fact below.

  • If the Power Supply Unit is suddenly blown out during test, it is understood that there are shorted parts of the internal of the PSU of your computer. But before to perform the testing of the PSU after replacing the Fuse. Be sure that the PSU is not connected in the MOBO and you perform the test outside of the System Unit. If this happen just check the MOBO if there are any blown parts or any of the internal parts of the system unit. If this happen dismantle your system unit and replace the damage part of the computer and assemble it and test.
  • Do not attempt to repair the PSU, only consider to the expert technician of Electronics but the problem is the replacement parts of Electronics. Now the very safe is to replace a new one parts and return to full service of your computer.
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The “ No Power ” failure of our computer is seldom happen in our computer in daily use. This failure of our computer happen only if the...
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