Garbage Display Failure of Computer

Garbage Display Failure of Computer

One of the most problematic problem that I was encountered of computer video is the garbage failure of the VGA adapter. Probably you will encounter also this problem if you never know this or encounter this problem before. This failure of the VGA adapter may cause even of the different type of the VGA you are using in your computer. Such as PCI the old type VGA, AGP or the Accelerated Graphic Ports, and the New VGA adapter called PCI’e that commonly we use this day of the Windows 7 and 8 edition of the Operating System.

The display of your monitor screen even it is CRT(Cathode Ray Tube), LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), or even LED has a display of a scattered character, see the video here: Garbage Display Failure Of Computer. The cause of the problem happen once the GPU(Graphical Processor Unit), the microchip on the center of the VGA that commonly have an airblock mounted of it cause an over temperature. One of the cause of the problem is a dust buildup of the computer through the VGA and the cooler fan of the heatsink is also weak or cannot perform to blow outside the heat of the GPU. Now once you turn on your computer then once it will perform a POST(Power On Self Test). The display of the computer is scattered, meaning the POST display is garbage.

Now how to troubleshoot this type of problem of the computer? we owe not to buy a replacement of our VGA but it is needed especially if our application is for gaming or graphical application(3d or 4d). So before any replacement we need to try to repair the VGA first,  just follow the instruction below.
  • Check and Troubleshoot the Problem
  1. Turn off your PC and unplug in the wall outlet or turn off the voltage regulator.
  2. Open the cover of the system case
  3. Find and unscrew the VGA Card
  4. Remove the VGA card of the VGA slot carefully.
  5. Once you remove it, check whether the cooler fan of the mounted heatsink(airblock) can rotate freely
  6. If cannot just replace the cooler fan, if you have to replacement try to lubricate the cooler fan by opening the sticker in the center. In the center their is a small cap open it and put some liquid like wd-40 contact cleaner. After it will rotate freely put some mechanical grease inside the tiny hole and close it afterwards.
  7. Put some thermal paste in the center of the GPU before mounting the airblock.
  8. Then clean the VGA contact pin using the eraser and paint brush.
  9. Then mount the VGA card in the VGA slot carefully. But before it be sure to clean the VGA slot first.
  10. Then test it by firing up your computer. But be sure to remove the 4 pin power connector and the IDE or SATA connector to avoid the damage of the HDD.
  11. If problem is solve or the normal display of the POST is clear just connect the HDD power connector and the IDE or SATA cable connector to the HDD and the MOBO.
  12. Check the BIOS setting of the HDD is detectable, just save your BIOS setting afterwards and test the startup. And run the windows desktop and check if there are no problems will occurred.
  13. Now if ok your done
  • How to avoid this problem of the VGA card and avoid the damage of the HDD. “I said damage of the HDD because once the system hang up due of this problem. You will force to power off the CPU and it will stop the HDD platter suddenly and it will cause failure of the HDD platter. And if this will happen your HDD probably undetected now in the BIOS settings.”
  1. Clean your computer system unit normally. Be sure that no dust buildup inside the system unit.
  2. Clean the contact pin and the slot use of the VGA card, including the MOBO and RAM
  3. Open and clean the power supply unit
  4. Check and lubricate the cooler fan and the exhaust fan
  5. Do not install a high capacity software like games that out of the capacity stated of the system requirements.
  6. Do not allow and use the computer that perform always hangup format the computer as necessary.
  • As a trial an error to solve the problem, you can clean the vga using thinner and lubricate the gpu cooling fan.
  • Try also to put thermal paste above the GPU.
  • If the video graphic adapter(VGA) is built-in to the motherboard, you need to replace the MOBO.
  • If a video card you need to replace a new one if the stated procedure is perform. 

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One of the most problematic problem that I was encountered of computer video is the garbage failure of the VGA adapter. Probably you w...
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