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Both document and video presentation are very popular now a days. And the demand is more required both in the works and when applying jobs. One of most skills required is the skills for the computer operator both the application of the office automation.

There are three office skills that most required of using the program of computer. These are the Microsoft Office Word Processing, Microsoft Office Excel, and the Microsoft Office PowerPoint. But this not all company and family that can afford with the license of this program. Because of its subscription price that other cannot afford to buy on it. So in this situation their is also a one popular company that produces with this type of software. That we can use for our office automation. This is the Open Office that trade mark of the Apache Software Foundation. They have also these three common office application and one of that the Open Office Impress. This Open Office Impress is the same with Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

Now, the purpose of this post is a simple presentation of a document using the Open Office Impress.I just posted lately here about the Open Office Imparts Parts and Function or just click this link:What Is Open Office Impress. Just read the instruction below how to create this document presentation.
  1. Open up your computer and be sure that you have installed the Open Office Impress. If you have no one installed just download it here: Open Office Download Site
  2. Once the Open Office Impress open in your screen, it have a presentation wizard and need to select either empty presentation, from template, open an existing presentation.
  3. assuming that an empty presentation that your going to create, click option " Empty Presentation"
  4. Now click next button.
  5. Then you need to select a slide design, example to selected is " presentation background" and under on it select either blue border
  6. Then select an output medium, example screen then click next button.
  7. Then select a slide transition, both effect and speed
  8. Now select the presentation type either default or automatic
  9. Now click create button
  10. Now your loading inside the Open Office Impress User Interface Environment. Now your ready for your presentation design.
  1. Now inside the User Interface the first thing to do is to select your slide layout. Just select in the right side of the screen which is the task pane, example the blank slide.
  2. Then click the Master Page
  3. Now of the the Master Page Task Pane, which is the Available for use, select one of that ready to use background, example blue lines and gradients.
  4. Now you will notice the slide template will change to a perfect design
  5. Now your ready to enter your document, you can use a banner for a title or any autoshape that can be get inside the drawing toolbar that normally found below of the screen, example Star Banner
  6. Just double click inside a banner then type the text you need in your document presentation
  7. Apply BOLD, Italics, or underline or change the font size or font style using the formatting toolbar above.
  8. Now if you need to insert picture or image just click the insert menu above.
  9. Point to picture then click from file
  10. Then a destination window will display in your screen just select where you stored your picture. And click the picture if found.
  11. Then click open
  12. Now the picture will inserted into the slide template, then adjust it that would fitted inside of the slide
  13. If all of the content inside of your slide template is OK  your ready for the custom animation.
  14. Now click one of your content in the slide, then click custom animation in the task pane
  15. Then click add button
  16. Now it will add effect to the slide, then click play button to test the effects. If you don't like the effects just right click the effects inside the task pane then click remove.
  17. Just repeat the procedure until you done adding the animation and effects of your slide templates.
  18. Now if you want to add another new slide, just click insert menu then click slide
  19. Then a new slide will automatically added in the sorter panel with the same background of the first slide.
  20. Just repeat the procedure 5-19 to insert content inside the slide
  21. Now if your finish arranging the slide template together the content of it as document presentation your ready now to save your presentation. just use the CTRL + S to save your presentation.
  22. Now if you wanted to present it to the audience click slide show menu then click slide show.   
Now your done, just follow always our blog for the next update. Thank you

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Both document and video presentation are very popular now a days. And the demand is more required both in the works and when applying...
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