Cleanup Laptop Drowned During Flood

Internal Part of Laptop
Flood is imminent and mostly cannot prepare to secure our appliances and gadgets. One of the most valuable thing that we need to keep is our laptop or notebook. During flood this gadgets is obviously may the victims of flood and particularly drowned in the contaminated water inside in our place. If this would be happen you can save your laptop to permanently damage if you have responded to clean it immediately. It needs to be clean immediately the moment after the flood. Remove immediately the battery to avoid spark of the motherboard system.Do not wait of a week or in a days to dried the laptop because it will cause corrosion of the pin of the semiconductor IC or in the different contact pin of the laptop. And avoid to test it or power up the laptop if you could not dismantle it for a washing of the entire board. Just consider the below instruction of to clean and wash the Laptop/Notebook.

The instructions:
  1. Just remove first the battery pack of the laptop/notebook
  2. Remove also the ram(memory modules) in the compartment at the back of the Laptop/Notebook 
  3. Remove also the Hard disk and be careful in handling this your important files stored in this drive. Do not attempt to wash this device just clean it with a piece of cloth and use a mechanical thinner. If you know how to remove the circuit board just remove it and wash using a soft and a clean running water.
  4. If there are micro memory inserted in your laptop/notebook computer just remove it.
  5. Remove also the CMOS/BIOS battery inside the compartment.
  6. Find also the compartment of the WIFI card. The WIFI card is a mini board inserted in the back of the laptop/notebook. If you find it remove the two connection of the wires. Commonly black wire and white wire. This is connected to the aluminum holder of the LCD panel as the antenna to receive the WIFI signal.   
  7. Open the CD/DVD ROM just use a paper clip to open it using the emergency hole. When the CD/DVD disk carrier is open clean the optical eye using a 70% alcohol and a thin paper such as an Alcoy paper.   
  8. If you know how to disassemble your laptop/notebook computer just do it immediately. But do not attempt to do this if you didn't know. Call an expert to perform this to avoid unexpected damage of the laptop/notebook computer. 
  9. After you dismantle completely your unit remove first the processor and the CMOS battery in the main board.
  10. Once it done, use a powder soft to clean the main board.
  11. Use a running water to clean it.
  12. Once you finish cleaning the entire circuit boards, use a hair drier to dry-up the entire circuit boards.
  13. Use a pencil eraser or any eraser to clean the contact pin of the laptop, such as the RAM.
  14. Check also the keyboard if water is possible just dry-up it using a hair drier.  
  15. Once it done and you’re sure that the entire circuit boards are dry-up now, assemble your laptop properly.
  16. Be careful of the orientation of the connection, such as the panel cover which are the power button and LED indicator possibly installed. Be aware of the polarity of the LED.
  17. Correct also the connection of the keyboard flex connected to the main board and the mouse pad
  18. If the speaker connection is possible connected in the main board be aware also of the connection.
  19. Observe also the inverter stick, controller data board, and the Mini Camera of the LCD if water is possible. Dry-up first before to assemble the LED display. 
  20. If your finish and you’re sure that the laptop/notebook computer is assembled properly power up and test your unit.     
  21. And your Done
If trouble is encountered during power-up, a troubleshooting must be taking place. Such as the no display is possibly experience during test. If this happen just call an expert technician of a Laptop/notebook computer or else just leave your message in the comment bar. Thank you see you next post.   

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Flood is imminent and mostly cannot prepare to secure our appliances and gadgets. One of the most valuable thing that we need to keep is ...
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