The Main Assembly of Computer System Unit or CPU

Main Hardware Connection of PC System Unit
As a user of the computer, we need also to learn what is the main hardware. And how to connect it to the motherboard of the computer. The motherboard serves as the sub- assemble of the personal computer. Because it connects the main hardware and the connections outside of the computer. But if we are not troubleshooters and no experience in repairing the computer system unit (CPU) it is very difficult for us to identify and point out where to connect the hardware even the mouse or keyboard that basically needed when we will use the PC.

So, here are some common instructions on how to connect the hardware inside your system unit. And what is the hardware you need to installs? See the image left side of this post.

  1.   The Motherboard (MOBO)- there are different connections mounted inside the motherboard. But you need to identify only the very important connection such as the ZIF Socket for mounting the processor. It is covered by a cooling system or what we called an air block that will control the normal temperature of the processor, the IDE or SATA connectors that connect the main storage media such as the HDD and CD/DVD ROM. Mount this in the system case properly using the metal or plastic stand-off.
  2. Video Card(VGA)-  this hardware generates video signals to the monitor screen(LED, LCD, CRT). This hardware mounted to one of the slots of the MOBO such as AGP slots or PCIe slots. Mount this in the slots that have a color of brown, yellow, black, or white.
  3. Memory Module(RAM)- this hardware mounted to the DIMM slots of the MOBO. These slots depend on what type it is compatible with the CPU Chip (Processor), MOBO, and or the VGA type. Such as the SDRAM(Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory) or the DDR 1, 2, 3. Mount this in the DIMM slots near the processor sockets mounted with the cooling system.
  4. Hard Disk Drive- this hardware is used to store a large amount of data into the computer such as the operating system. It also depends on the type of HDD supported by the MOBO like IDE or the SATA compatible. Connect this storage using the correct cable with the correct orientation of the cable to the connectors of the motherboard like the IDE connectors.
  5. Power Supply(P.S.U.)- this Power Supply Unit enables the computer to power. The function of this unit of the computer is to convert the AC voltage electricity. That usually 220-240 volts and 400, 500, 600, 800 wattage standard wall outlet. And convert it to low-level voltages which are called Direct Current(DC) with the standard voltages of 12 volts, 5 volts, 3.3 volts needs by computer systems to run. This unit connects to the ATX power connector of the MOBO that usually has 20, 24, 28 male connectors.
Other parts would be the I/O ports and the front panel connectors for the connections of the power switch, LED indicator, buzzer, and USB ports. Once you check your PC is running with hangup just access the BIOS systems to check the HDD connections is detectable and the DVD ROM. Once it is okay. Just set up the first boot of your computer usually the DVD ROM to set up the operating system or installation of the OS. Just check how to install the Windows XP published on this blog. 
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Main Hardware Connection of PC System Unit As a user of the computer, we need also to learn what is the main hardware. And how to conne...
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