Pointers for NC2 TESDA Exam

POINTERS FOR THE NC2 EXAMLearn the basic tools and equipment use by technician. It’s also one of the question by the assessors during NC2 exam. And study what I mention below.

I let you to understand this, do it hardly in exploring and studying. No matter what life we have, all sources of income is surrounded us.Just study and do not underestimate the exam. maybe it’s simple to others but very time consuming and do not bothered your self with this. The idea is make your self hardship and become an expert.

This is only a pointers for your exam in NC2. What I learned and experience in my technical years of my profession and teaching. And the other side a biomedical technician. All the critical aspects of the exam are performed during training. So what would be taught by your instructors just follow and strive hard, it's a very boastful to our selves if we past the exam through our efforts and learning. And do not forget to ask our creators to provide us of what we need in our lives.

Here is it! just study also the video in this post. It will help you also to gather more ideas and the link provided here: How To Pass The NC2Internal Dos CommandBIOS SETUPEXTERNAL DOS COMMANDDUAL BOOT SYSTEMInstall Windows XPBasic Networking, Requirements For the NC2 ExamCommon Parts Inside System Unit

There are four core competencies of technicians or CHS. That is called full qualifications as NC2 passers, I was posted it here in my blog.
  1. Learn the safety precautions and 5’s of the technicians.
  2. Learn the basic electronics, you need to understand the electronic components.
  3. Study and familiarized very carefully the hardware of computer.Both input and out system,such as to familiarize and memorize the parts of the keyboard and different keys.
  4. Learn and understand the MOBO parts and functions and daughter boards.Not by the book alone but use our visual inspection of what you see is what you learn as a technician.The most applicable is memorize it.
  5. Learn and do the best installation of the hardware.Be sure to apply zero insertion force and familiarize or aware the pin 1 orientation.Or what I called red to red inspections.
  6. Be careful or learn strictly the procedures of the installation of the Operating System. The installation of winXP and windows 98 in dual boot.But be aware, learn also the installation of the new OS.
  7. Learn the windows installation partition,especially two partitions and the filling systems
  8. Learn the operation of the basic MS-DOS of the technician
  9. Learn the backup system using windows backup
  10. Learn the most applicable computer terms or acronyms
  11. Learn how to open the wordpad and how to save a document or learn the basic operation of the windows application
  12. learn what is LAN, network models,topologies,and OSI layer
  13. Learn the network classes and formats
  14. LAN wiring
  15. TCP/IP and workgroup and how to setup it in our computer
  16. Files sharing and printer sharing
  17. Familiarize the communication media,ex: NIC and routers, etc. and how to connect it
  18. Be sure yourselves in basic trouble shooting of computer,ex: the procedure on how to troubleshoot a power light is on nothing happens and nothing on screen.
  19. Common Contact cleaner of technician
  20. Dual boot system of computer and the advantages and disadvantages
  21. Type of HDD and cables
  22. Beef codes
  23. PSU voltage output through wire colors
  24. Hertz and capacity of the processor,memory,and MOBO
  25. ISP and the companies, example MyDSL
  26. hardware conflict and learn how to solve this problem using software and hardware
  27. What is IC creep and what is the possible cause and remedies
  28. How to maintain computers
  29. Installation of driver softwares, both auto and plug in play
  30. The basic settings of the CMOS/BIOS including how to disable BIOS in BIOS setup (3 way)
  31. Different Filling Systems
  32. Peer to peers connection and dedicated server
  33. And be aware of using the control panel and the device manager.
  34. Type of a printer both dot matrix and colored printer and the basic trouble and possible remedies. Paper Jam    
As what I learn this day, there are other additional part of the exam such as the configuration of the router. But to sure of this just study also the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) most specially the connection and remote addressing. It’s very ok if you have learning of the CISCO installation. Just leave your questions in comment bar below. GodBless to all and goodluck to the exam.
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Learn the basic tools and equipment use by technician. It’s also one of the question by the assessors during NC2 exam . And study what I ...
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