How To Build A LED Circuit Board

The light emitting Diode or LED is now very popular among us in our home and community. Because it is a lower power consumption and no harm in terms of what we called radiation. Unlike the mercury Lamp in any of our gadgets and lights it is high power consumption. Like example our old Television type called CRT(Cathode Ray Tube), this type of Television is very harm in radiation of the Picture Tube that have a kinetic voltage inside of more that thousand of volts to generate and image to the screen from the television network.

But as of now we observe in our places in our main streets, they setup now a high definition television or what they called HD TV or monitor for the moving advertisement. With it comes to our flash lights and other gadgets such as Cellphone and laptop/Notebook display are now also LCD setup. Now the purpose of this post is to try you to learn How to build or make a LED CIRCUIT board, so that you will learn also how to build a certain projects using a LED. Maybe in our place it have no electricity, so because this LED light is only 5 volts DC supplied you can use motor battery and or any dry cells that can produce 5 volts or 3.5-3.8 volts.

Just look also our YouTube video in this post, so that you will learn and observe how I do it. 

  1. Circuit Board at least 2 x 2 or 1x1 in size or it depending to the size of your project or how many LED do you need.
  2. Masking Tape- Use for pattern design
  3. Pencil
  4. Permanent Marker or (Pentelpen)
  5. Storage Plastic or Glass- use for storage of the Etching Solution
  6. Ferric Chloride
  7. Hack Saw – use to cut the circuit board
  8. OLFA knife or any sharp knife
  9. Sand Paper (no. 0)
The Procedures:
  1. Prepare the Circuit board, use the hack saw to cut it. Be sure of your size.
  2. Cover the copper part of the circuit board with the masking tape
  3. Use the pencil to draw the lanes of the circuit board, just like what I drawn in my video. Remember that once it soak to the ferric chloride the copper part is the lanes of the voltage and current. So the other copper of the circuit board will be remove during soaking using the ferric chloride.
  4. After you draw it using the pencil, use the permanent marker to pattern your drawing of the lanes. Using the permanent marker the copper will not remove during soaking.
  5. Once finish soak it first to the ferric chloride, then remove it.
  6. Use a tissue to remove spills
  7. Then use the OLFA knife to remove the other part to make a lanes of the circuits. Just what I said in step no. 3. See the video above.
  8. Once it finish cutting all not part to make lanes of the circuits, soak it in the plastic container or glass that have a ferric chloride inside.
  9. After 20 or 30 minutes retrieve it inside the container and remove the masking tape covered in the copper(lanes of circuits)
  10. And your done, clean it and use a 0 sand paper to clean the copper.

That’s all, leave your question in the comment bar. And always follow this post for the next update. I will post How to build a LED light circuit. Thanks and GodBless to all, see you…
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The light emitting Diode or LED is now very popular among us in our home and community. Because it is a lower power consumption and no ...
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