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Another program that we can use in our computer is called the Open Office. This program installed or we can installed in our computer is the same with Microsoft Office. This is intended once we cannot afford to purchase the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 or the lower versions. This is compatible with the MS-Office document source such as the .xls. There are only fewer changes of the navigation of the button because it is using a drop/down menu compared to the newer Microsoft Office friendly User Interface that using the tabulated menu. And also the command buttons of the toolbars it have fewer changes or difference. But if you have basics of the Microsoft Office, it is easy and can be manipulated readily and easy to familiarized.

Now, to create this application that I would impart to you is the same with the Microsoft office. In how to highlights using the shift of the keyboard. In order to create a single worksheet table in a single workbook. It's also needed that you have familiarization of the parts of the User Interface. So that you can understand the instructions. Just follow the instruction below and look also the picture situated left side of this post.

Procedure How To Create Worksheet Table Using Open Office
  1. Open your computer and be sure that you have installed the Open Office program in your computer. If your computer don't have an Open Office just download here: Open Office download site
  2. Now if you have installed the program, just open the opening the start button/ programs/ Open 4.0.1
  3. Then click the Open Office Calc in the link provided
  4. Once, its open just pagesetup, just follow this link: Create Margin
  5. Once you finish to pagesetup, look for the A1 or the column A row1 of the worksheet area. Once you find it just type it there the Worksheet title of your report.
  6. Just leave blank the A2 or and the A3
  7. Now position your Active Cell in the A4, now use the shift combination; shift + right arrow key to move the active cell to the right side to occupy the number of columns you need in your worksheet table. Then just hold shift key again and press the down arrow key to occupy the number of rows you need in your worksheet.
  8. Once it's finished, click format menu
  9. Then click cells.
  10. The dialogue box name Format cell will appear in your screen. Just  find the menu tab called Borders to create the table border in your worksheets.\
  11. Now select a line style provided in dialogue box, preferably 0.05 and now click it in the left called line arrangement. And select " Set outer border and all inner lines.
  12. Now click ok.
  13. And you will see the borders of your worksheet table and your ready to insert and write the worksheet label of it's columns.
  14. Now after typing all the worksheet label, your ready for the alignment by wrapping the label inside of it's column.
  15. Just follow the instruction below.
  1. Highlight the worksheet labels.
  2. Just click the Format menu again or right click the highlighted portion 
  3. Click format cells
  4. Once it open the dialogue box, click the Alignment Tab menu button beside of the borders menu
  5. Click the drop/down bar of the text alignment.
  6. And click the center in the list options provide.
  7. And the right side also click the drop/down bar under the vertical. And select in the middle.
  8. Now check box wrap text automatically under the properties, situated below of the dialogue box.
  9. Click Ok.
  10. Now you will observed the both text of the label will move in the center of the column and row.
  11. Now you done. You can continue now typing the data of your worksheet.
  12. You can format the font style, size, and color of your both title and label. 

Follow this post for the next update. Godbless to all

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Another program that we can use in our computer is called the Open Office. This program installed or we can installed in our computer is...
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