Apply Extra Precautions in Handling of Hard Disk Drive

Hard Disk Drive or HDD is the most delicate part of the PC. Because this part or hardware of PC is the main storage media, the highest storage media, and the station of the operating system. This HDD is also the storage of our save important files or backup data that usually stored in drive D:. This part of PC is easily broken or got failure once the user don’t apply extra care or precautions in handling his/her computer PC. The internal parts is build with a spindle motor mounted with it the  platter or the magnetic core that easily crush once the PC is automatically off without proper shutdown. And also a total blackout of the electricity is one of the major cause of the failure of the HDD. So to avoid with this incident or damage to our computer HDD we need to apply proper care in running our PC. And use a voltage regulator with UPS to avoid the auto off of the PC once their is a total blackout will occurred.
Just consider this factors below why our HDD damage. And what we can do to avoid this. And if ever will happen the HDD failure what we can do to our files inside in retrieving the important files. 

  1. Primary HDD failure- no detection during interrupt request of the processor during POST.
  2. You cannot see parameter info in BIOS setup- either loosen of the cables and incorrect orientation of the cable and not inserted well the power cable
  3. No Operating System was found- either the bootup files and initialization files are damage
  4. Invalid Media Reading Drive C: - damage of the platter either 25 chain bad sector
  5. BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death Of the computer)- overheat of the MOBO or the processor is the primary cause or the system unit loaded with dust buildup. It is also considered that the P.S.U. and the MOBO capacitor is leaking. The indication is the capacitor upper part is exploded. This will cause to restart the PC always until the HDD will damage. 
  1. Apply Extra care of the PC once you use it and proper shutdown once you finish. But before it you must close all open programs to avoid damage of both files and the OS files.
  2. Do not install unsupported programs, such as a 3d games just consult first the PC enthusiast and the system requirements.
  3. Update regularly the Virus Scanner, if you have no one download right here: FILEHIPPO.COM
  4. Backup your important files soon as possible. You can use the cloud storage also such as the DROPBOX
  5. Remove dust buildup regularly, use a blower to do this.
  6. When power of the PC do not cycle again the power switch.
  1. Once you will encounter the possible problem mention above. Just relax and don’t panic. Turn off your PC and check the cables and power connection inside the system unit. If you don’t know how to do this just contact an expert technician to do this for you.
  2. If your computer during bootup will become blue the screen and it will restart automatically. Just turn the PC off and check the processor airblock cooling system.
  3. And if the HDD is damage or not detected in BIOS even you check thoroughly the data cables and 4 pin power just take care of the HDD and keep it in a right way. It has a possible remedy to retrieve the important files. Call an expert technician to perform this but it has a higher service fee. I have experience that the HDD is not detected and neglected by the technician. But when I tried to perform my procedure very lucky I retrieved the entire important files.   
When damage of HDD is constantly and cannot recoverable. It’s an headache to us and cause a super budget in our wallet. So we must be knowledgeable when it comes to maintenance. Just follow our blog site always. GodBless
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Hard Disk Drive or HDD is the most delicate part of the PC. Because this part or hardware of PC is the main storage media, the highest s...
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