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Microsoft One Drive for Cloud Storage

Microsoft One Drive For Cloud Storage

We thank of the Microsoft is innovating a site of the internet that we can safety vault our data using the internet. An online file hosting service that allow us to upload files and synchronize files to a cloud storage using our browsers. Unlike other cloud storage such as dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive offered a highest storage amounting to 15 GB for free of a new users.

To start to use this cloud storage of the Microsoft just open this link in your browsers or click this link: OneDrive, you can start by signing up using the internet site.
Follow the instruction below:

  1. Click sign-up button
  2. In the next pop up window, you need to select of the two under it. If for personal click signup for free. And if for business select business as start for trial.

How to Repair NTLDR Missing of your Windows Operating System

Error On Post NTLDR Missing 

NTLDR means Windows NT loader is a boot loader of the Windows NT Operating, including Microsoft Windows Experience and Windows 2003. The Personal Computer or other machines designs to load the startup files after the POST (Power On Self Test). This is stored primarily in the first hard drive or a master drive of the computer located in the drive c:. This file is being loaded every now and then once you power up the computer as a boot loader. And even in the Optical drives, USB drives, FDD, or even in a ZIP drive once its uses as the primary driver of the Operating System.

This is usually happen if one of start file damage, you need to repair this using startup menu

Our computer may encounter this trouble once we power up and there are any other means why it cause and error. Either it is caused by a wrong boot drive, for example, USB flash drive, CD-ROM, Micro floppy Diskette, and even in the HDD where the Operating System resides. That it is not properly configured during the boot process or not a startable file.

Prevent Users to Access in Unsafe Sites

Prevent Users To Access In Unsafe Sites

The use of the Internet is both a positive and negative purpose but it’s for business purposes for us. But at the backend of this, business word has two perfect much and this for good and bad or positive and negative purpose. Many users got bad experiences regardless of how they use or surf the internet because of the word purpose which much in our mind using the Internet browser and the Search Engine of a certain site. But actually, beyond of this, it helps or it helps to do people doing bad or make violations against people or to his/her work. And that’s why we need to create a certain idea of how to prevent this or how to block this, not in a purpose to draw them out of the internet. But actually, our users prevent them not to getting access to that site.

This is also helpful to the company needs to prevent their employees not getting access to the sites that could be bothered their working responsibilities. Such as getting access to social networks, for example, Facebook and Youtube that may hindrance the operations of the employees and through their working loads time.

So, how to do this, and what we are needed to equip our computer or our computer network to prevent our users to access unsafe and prohibited sites? Just follow the simple procedures below:

First option: Set to disabled the cookies using your browsers

Maintain Power Supply Unit of Computer

PC Power Supply Unit
One of the most important parts of the computer is the Power Supply Unit or PSU. This device acts as responsible for converting, commonly in the Philippines is 220-240 Alternating Current Voltages. It will be converted down to low-level voltages called Direct Current Voltages of the computer. Commonly rated as +12, –12, +5, –5, 3.3 DCV standard use to function the computer systems. Inside of this device, it is built with a variety of electronic components, such as the electronic circuit board and the exhaust fan serves as the cooler or the blower of the temperature to maintain the normal temperature of the electronic components, such as the transformer, capacitors, and transistors. The common cause of the failure of this device is the dust buildup inside. That will cause the failure of the exhaust fan coil, because of the stoppage inside and this is because of the locking of lubricant. And this is the start of the weakness of the electronic parts that sensitive to overheat temperature such as the output capacitors that have only 150 degrees Celsius. If this happens to your computer it will cause you to restart randomly and this will cause you to corrupt and hang-up up the Operating Systems of the computer. That will cause the failure of the HDD in the next days of using your computer.
PSU Full Of Dust Buildup
To avoid this unpredicted failure that probably causes by the burning also of the exhaust fan coil inside of the PSU, we need to perform maintenance of the PSU by removing the dust buildup inside and check the rotation of the exhaust fan that will rotate freely counterclockwise. Follow the steps below of this post.

1. Open your system case (CPU).

2. Remove the power supply unit, but before to remove be sure that the power cord is unplugged and remove the ATX power connector of the Motherboard.
Maintain Power Supply Unit
3. Remove the 4 screws position above side by side or above the PSU.
Clean Exhaust Fan
4. Remove the Exhaust Fan by removing the 4 screws holding the Exhaust fan.
Note: Here in this step after cleaning this Exhaust Fan, you need to lubricate also this moving part, use WD-40. Then open the small cap at the center of this exhaust fan and spray it using the WD40.
Check Damage caps and remove Dust buildup Inside
5. And Remove also the electronic circuit board.
6. Remove the dust buildup of it using a paintbrush.
7. And check any initial burning of the electronic parts.
8. Put a lubricant grease on the exhaust fan by removing the sticker and remove the small rubber cap.
Test PSU Using Paper Clips
9. Then if all function of the PSU is normal, assemble the PSU and test it.
10. Use a paper clip and jumper the green wire and black to power up the PSU.
11. Use a Multitester to measure the voltage DC output of the PSU.
12. If the voltages are normal and correct as I said above assemble it in the CPU and run and test the computer.
Try To Run Windows Until Desktop
13. And if the computer is running normally, you're done now.

See you in the next post. “End”    

How to Maintain Video Cards

New model Palit Nividea

The video Cards or Video Graphics Adapter is one of the main hardware of the computer. This is responsible to process the display of the monitor screen in different applications, for example, the games of the computer that popular to the other user and most of all to the children. But in the motherboard of the computer, there is one of the built-in ports of the VGA but it is limited only to Gigabytes. So it is understood that will not compatible with the system requirements of the other program, example for the games. So this device of the computer is one of the budgets of our wallet, and we need to care of this to stay longer of this device of our computer so that no other budgets again for this by performing maintenance of our computer and through the video card.

PCI'e model with additional ports for monitor connections

Just see the pictures I posted here and perform by following the instruction below. And be sure that you have knowledge of technical works.

How to Restore Iphone in Factory Default

How To Restore Iphone In Factory Default
your Iphone Operating System(IOS) in factory default is a last recourse after your Iphone encountered trouble same as the image I posted in this post. Or else you tried to restore all settings using your phone without knowing that it will cause so much damage of your Iphone after it will started. Now by downloading and installing new version of ITunes in Windows 7 operating system using your Notebook or PC may resolve the problem of your Iphone. You can use ITunes to restore in factory settings but restoring your Iphone it will deletes all your data and content stored in your device including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar info.

To avoid this situational problem you need to backup your data and files stored in your Iphone. And consider below statements before restoring your device.

  1. Make sure that you’re using a latest version of ITunes. You can open this site filehippo.com
  2. Use ITunes to backup your device and transfer and sync any additional content to your computer.
  3. Turn off Find my Iphone in settings> iCloud on your device to disable Activation Lock.  


Disable Enable Cookies of your Computer Browsers

Chrome Cookies
Cookies is the arm of the websites so that it will open naturally in our browsers. In fact, cookies is a messages or a small files came from a web browsers that commonly called cookie.txt in our computer. That when you open or request a sites or another page from the server, our computer browsers will sent the cookie back to the server. This cookies also can help a user to find easily the URL once they type a certain sites using the address bar of the browsers we have use, such as a Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer and other web browsers that same we use in our smart phones.

Mozilla Cookies
Our web browsers are equipped with this settings, as we are the users of the Internet, we have different purpose and situation when we talk about Internet. Some of us commonly use or open the social networks, such as Facebook. Other use the Internet in home for student research, emails, viewing internet videos, such as YouTube. And the other hand and the most use as access for the businesses. And use for company websites as portal of data for sending and receiving of certain application of a database.

Maintain Computer Motherboard

Computer Motherboard

The motherboard (MOBO) of a computer is the foundation of the variety of chips to perform lots of functions of the computer. And one of the microchips is the Microprocessor Chips that mounted in the processor socket built in the MOBO. The motherboard is housed inside the system case, that this system case simultaneously building dust inside. And one of the hardware, where the dust buildup gathers, is the motherboard and together the processor mounting air block or simply called processor cooler that cannot rotate exactly because of the dust buildup block on it. And this will cause overheated the heatsink assembly then the thermal paste will be dried up that will cause to not hold the processor and the heatsink assembly of the cooling fan or the air block. This will cause the malfunction of the computer because of the overheat. And the very will know symptom and error is the reset mode error in a moment of time. That sometimes will cause the blue screen of death (BSOD) of the computer that will damage the hard disk if the error does not solve immediately.

Write A Specific Inventory of the NC2 Exam

Write A Specific Inventory of the NC2 Exam
One of task perform during the NC2 exam is to write the Hardware Specifications of the computer that assign to you. Actually it is dismantled first before the exam will start. The writing of the hardware is not the critical aspects of the exam but it is recorded your performance how you write a certain specs of the computer. This is one of the forms that you need to write what are your stock knowledge as you learn during schooling, industry experience, and or during training. This is perform before the Q & E and before the hardware be assembled properly. And you need it to write very specific, easy to red, and do your effort not to erase and leave a scratch because it is your form that your accessory will get a performance and will decide that your competent of the disassemble and assemble personal computer.

Remember this is only a guide a help to you to learn as we do our best to pass the exam, so do your best to study and familiarize and memorize the hardware and materials of the computer. Not only that, you need also to learn about the assessment center, including the working area where the exam perform. You need to familiarize the equipment use of that working area including the specs also, such as fire extinguisher. The very idea is to visit earlier the assessment center or visit it before the day of the exam. Just study the table below how I write the specs of the computer.


Possible Questions During NC2 Exam

The oral interview is the most crucial and very interesting part of the exam of NC2. Students must be prepared during and before the exam. All the possible subject must be practice both the Oral Interview or called Q and A and the actual application that the assessors may possibly given to the examiners. Aside about the hardware questions like the question about the motherboard or MOBO by naming the parts of it including the use and functions. There are other questions where possibly question to you and that you need to know it and aware of it because the exam is very time consuming.

This post that I publish here is not the actual questions during the exam but all the lines of questions that remembered and learn of it, I wrote here and this will help you to learn of it. But there are no answers provided here. You need to study it and you need to found the answers using your effort and stock knowledge during your training and schooling of universities and government schools. If you search this site there are lot of post here that you can knowledge of it and most of all ideas. All the possible acronyms and abbreviations found in the GLOSSARY of this site. Just study it and memorize it or you need to familiar all the parts that once you see it you can explain it intellectually to your assessor. So just read the following lines of questions below.

Most of the questions most in the troubleshooting skills that we learn maybe from our experience or from the trainings. But anything of the subject matter that listed in the test papers can be asked. Most probably you need to master the part of the MOBO as I said above including the basic knowledge of networking such as the color coding of the LAN wiring and the classes and formats of the Internet Protocol or IP.
  1. In troubleshooting, what are the beep codes we commonly encountered. 
  2. What is component isolation during trouble shooting or called isolation procedure, component Isolation, and RAM isolation.
  3. What are the 5’s we are using that we learn in Occupational Health and Safety be included the 10’ s.

Change Download Destination of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Browsers

Chrome Download Distination
One of the common use of the internet browser is to download files came from the internet sites. The word “download” is to get certain files that came from a site down to your computer drive. And the default download drive destination is the My Documents folder that commonly seen on the Desktop of your computer in all windows versions. This default destination is to download files is located in the drive c: partition. Which is the partition or a stationary drive of the Operating System. This drive is intended only for the files and folders of the operating system. And basically, all the program files are stored in one of the folders of the operating system called Programs. This drive could be filled with files and data or no space available or virtual memory full. If all the data, files including internet files(pictures or movie), stored in this location. And this drive also is the center of the virus infiltration that can harm your download files. Or else your download files carried virus files. But basically, you need to update your virus scanner to avoid serious damage caused by this virus. But on the other hand, full storage of drive can cause damage. Or corrupt programs manage by your operating system. And one of the causes of full drive storage is your downloaded files came from an internet site.

Change User Interface Color Scheme of Microsoft Office 2007

MS PowerPoint Blackcolor
Microsoft PowerPoint
As you open your Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you will see a default color of blue and the font. Using this color scheme the name of the menus particularly the name of every ribbon bar is not clear. And also it creates an over brightness of our eyesight that probably create disturbance.  
MS Excel Black color
Microsoft Excel

To resolve this disturbances to our eyesight in using the Microsoft Office, this application is built-in with the color scheme that you can change anytime you want to change the default view to a new view of the User Interface of our eyesight.Either you can change to other two color scheme available such as the black and silver color. Same as the image shown above of this post.

MS Word Black color
Microsoft Word

So, to see is to believe just follow the giant instruction below of this post.

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Multiple IF Function


Yesterday, I was posted about the IF function of the Microsoft Office Excel using 2007, 2003, or even 97 versions that you can use to perform logical calculations of your worksheet data. Now another use of Microsoft Excel using the IF function is the multiple IF functions. This is understood that you can perform a series of multiple conditions base on the logical reference of your worksheet data. Using the logical test of greater than or equal to or like this (>=). This logical function can perform multiple lists of conditions using the autofill tab. By dragging your mouse downward after your syntax is the logically correct base of the product entry of your worksheet.


Microsoft Excel 2007 Worksheets Chart Application

One of the most common use of the Microsoft Office 2007 and the rest of all versions is the Charts. This is use to analyze or determine a mode or data behavior for a certain application. The application commonly applied using a percentage of data whether it is lower or higher or it is gradually decreasing or increasing.

In Microsoft Excel 2007 it is very easy to create a professional looking chart using the worksheet area in a single workbook. Simply by using a chart type, there are lot of available chart type that you can click inside the ribbon menu. Such as the column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and other charts embedded and ready to use such as the radar chart.You can either select a professional looking charts template using the windows button at the top left portion of the user interface of the MS-Excel, then click new menu and in the left bar you can select now a template for your worksheet data.


Learn about Templates of Microsoft Word

MS-Word 2007 template Have you experienced you need to find a template for a certain application? such as you need a document like a resume as one of the requirements you need to apply for a new job? or else you needed a template for other purposes of a document. Now you got it, simple to find, it's all intact inside the Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 itself. All you need is to click and select your best appropriate for your document application. All you need is to type only the contents and the editable part of a certain document. 

And what is a Template of Microsoft Office Word? According to Microsoft, “A template is a document type that creates a copy of itself when you open it. In Microsoft Office Word 2007, a template can be a .dotx file, or it can be a .dotm file (a .dotm file type allows you to enable macros in the file). 

How to Diagnose PC Hardware Problems

How To Diagnose PC Hardware Problems

Usually occur in our computers, both hardware and software trouble. And it is very hard to identify the trouble where the parts came to failure or damage. Such as the main hardware; motherboard, memory, or the video card itself if it is not shared to the motherboard, or the power supply unit that commonly we heard a high-pitched noise in the hard disk section and the cooler fan.

But we need to identify it surely as we can, so that we can repair and change the damage parts as early because computer are part of our office work or a control system of a machine to perform a certain task. This is the purpose of this post, the paragraph below states how and where the trouble is both using our senses.

Check the following hardware that probably cause the problem
When I turn the computer it no sounds and there are no lights
  • Check the power supply
  • Check the motherboard
  • Check the system unit power switch and LED indicator
  • Check the power source
  • Check the power cable

How to Link Facebook and Twitter Account

How To Link Facebook And Twitter Account Social Media are very rampant in our community, almost the members of our family got to create a Facebook account. But in other side of the Internet there is also a Social Media Sites that very famous and commonly use by the internet users and this is the Twitter.com, Twitter is also a social media networks and microblogging sites that give service to users an online service and allow to sent and read message of of 140 characters that commonly called “tweets”. Same as of Facebook you need to register first before you can post your tweets and connect/link your sites and index their your posted articles of your blog or sites.
Now to make this two accounts very visible to the users of the internet you need to link your accounts both the Facebook and Twitter using your registered account of Facebook. As you see at the right side top of your screen there is a key button or icon which is you can set your account settings of your Facebook. Lets start here:
  1. Open your Facebook Account using your web browser.
  2. Login to your account.

Corel Draw’s File Formats

Corel Draw’s File Formats
Talking about management of the files is one of the critical aspects of the application. If you don't know the file formats or a source file of a certain files you cannot go on with your application of the Corel Draw. Corel draw is a graphical application that frequently define of the internet as victor editor, which can perform editing of bitmap image, photo paint, and other graphical application related programs. This is an advance application of the windows paint that commonly neglected or not use by the users of the Microsoft Windows Operating System in all versions. This can be access using the programs/ accessories/ or all programs of the Windows 7. You can use this windows paint for your casual art then edit it in Corel Draw. The problem is how to import this files in the Corel Draw template.

Corel Draw's native file formats under its application is called .cdr its no longer new that this format cannot be integrated to many applications right away without proper file format conversions. If you like to save to open your file to other drawing applications like Illustrator, you must choose AI format under the file type drop-down bar provided in the save dialogue box. Other formats are also supported.

Computer Network Printer, Files and Folders Sharing

Image by: Pixabay.com
I posted last day about how to configure  Network connections of computer or called LAN. Now next to configure is the connection of the printer using the network connection of the computer. One of the purpose why we need to configure the Network Connections, it is because we need the common devices that we need in our offices or with our home. Such as the printer or we called it network printer. Because it not acceptable that every computer in our offices have its individual printer. Therefore, one of the computer needs to host the printer so that all of the computer within the networks can perform the hard copy of the files.

Another use of the Network connections is the file and folder sharing. This is one of the most common use of the networks because all of us, as a user of the computer we are dealing with the processing of a files or documents. And this documents commonly stored in a folder or directory.

Just follow the instruction below how to configure the printer connection of your network or in your LAN. But before you on, assured that you configured properly your network connections, the workgroup and the TCP/IP.

Configure Computer Network Connections

Configure Network Connections
Eventhough, the Microsoft Windows Experience(Xp) Operating System unsupported of its developer, the Microsoft company. Many users, schools, and business are using until now. Even the examination of NC2 (National Certification II) is using this Operating System.

My primary purpose of this post is to let you know how to properly configure your Computer Networks within your area, this is called LAN (Local Area Networks). Not only the purpose for the application of the exam of NC2 but ultimately for your works and setting computer networks in your house or a In- house Internet Cafe.  Talking with the exam of NC2 this is perfect to perform because this is one of the critical aspects during the actual and oral interview. All you need is to memorize and familiarize the procedures and the Basic Knowledge Of Computer Networks that I was posted here in this site.

But first and foremost before the Computer Networks you need to perfect the installation of the Operating System and its two partitions and Network cabling using the RJ 45, this is very critical of the exam. If you failed this you cannot perform your Computer Networking including printer and file sharing.

Just follow the procedure below so that you will know how to configure this networks.
  1. Click on the start menu and point to settings.

AVG Virus Scanner Remove Trojan Horse Generic

Virus Scanner

AVG anti virus scanner is one of the best virus scanner that will cure or remove virus threats in our computer. It is reported that AVG detected highly threats active adware and its known variants over 80554 of the internet. If your hobbies is surfing and download videos and music in different unknown source sites, your computer is vulnerable with the highly threats virus such as Trojan using any of the download managers. Regardless of any vulnerability of the virus and neglected any of the windows notifications and later on you will notice an unusual activity that you probably scratch your head because you don't know what happened to your files and data. And that is one of the tricks of the Virus to impair the system of what your computer being normal of the applications.


Trojan Horse Generic is a type of VIRUS called adware (Vital Information Resource Under Seize) and a software that installs to your computer with an additional programs in computer operating system and display or download unwanted programs and advertisements using your browsers.

Through this behavior, this kinds of threats called adware. It will track your computer's web usage and displayed you undesired pop-ups and probably it will hijack your computer's browsers start or search pages. And redirecting you in different pages or search engine that you never configured in your browser. This virus is rank as number one of the online world as adware of the internet browsing.


Using AVG you’re protected while surfing online
If you notice that a pop-up window display in your screen you’re receive a warning that a Trojan Horse Generic visible to you while you surfing a website. The AVG will blocked this malware and nothing to remove it in your computer.


When AVG real time anti virus protection detects a virus in your computer and the AVG detection windows will display with two options to select:

Protect me: this is the recommended action, it will remove the threat of your computer
Ignore the Threat: this will not remove the virus, but it will block the suspected virus so that it will not spread to your computer system.

The most one hundred percent recommended action if you notice unusual activity of your computer, because of a virus threats low or highly active, you must perform a full scanning of entire drives or to all of you're drives.

If you have suggestions, kindly leave it here… “End”

How to Fix Virtual Memory Low Problem of Computer


Our computer uses a two type of software that serves as  very important to perform applications of a certain users. This two software are the Operating system(OS) and the programs. Operating System serves to manage the usage of the computer system and serves as the foundation of the programs. No programs can run without the coordination of the Operating System.

There are a lot of a problem that a computer user will be encountered. And one of that is the “Low Virtual Memory” it will notify in the right down portion of your screen using the balloon tips of the taskbar. This could be happen if a computer users running a many program or installed a lot of a program into the large capacity storage or the Hard Disk Drive.

That the computer system’s taking up a lot of memory usage and the computer perform a maximum of its memory that the computer can handle. You can fix this problem by manually increasing the size of virtual memory that your computer setting it or use it.


  1. In start button, click run
  2. In the run bar type this “sysdm.cpl
  3. Click ok button or press Enter Key
  4. The system properties window will appear
  5. Click the tab menu Advance
  6. Find the performance heading then click settings button
  7. Another window will appear, click the advance tab menu
  8. Then in the lower portion of that window click change button, note: you will see the default virtual memory that your computer being use
  9. In virtual memory window see the paging file example: local drive c: 1536- 3072. I will change it to 2000 as a minimum allowed and max of 4072.
  10. Then click set button then click ok
  11. Then restart your computer for fully effectiveness.
  12. Check it after restart.
That’s all. Follow this post for the next version of the operating system how to set the virtual memory size. “End”

MS- Excel 2007 Import and Export Files

MS- Excel 2007 Import and Export Files The Microsoft Office Excel 2007 is one of the most use in our computer program especially in our working offices . Used for any calculations using the worksheets or spreadsheets applications . Each of our computer files with different sources of origin and one from its database program or any reports or records came from your Internet accounts . MS- Excel application has two types of files that can bring either Exporting or Importing the files with the files called . Txt or . CSV (comma separated values).

There are two ways to import data from a text file by using Microsoft Office Excel : You can open the text file in Excel , or you can import the text file as an external data range ( external sets of data : a set of data that is delivered in a worksheet but that originates outside of Excel , such as in a database or text file . Excel , you can format the data or use it in the calculations as you would any other data . ) . To export data from Excel to a text file , use the Save As command .

1. There are two commonly used text file formats:

Delimited text files (.txt), in which the TAB character (ASCII character code 009) usually separates each field of text. Comma separated values text files (.csv), in which the comma character (,) usually separates each field of text.

Microsoft Stops Windows Xp Support

MicrosoftXpNews One of the hot news from Microsoft Corp.. The owner of the Microsoft Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office for our computers today who said that no support for Microsoft Windows Experience or (Xp). And it was published on April 8, 2014 in their official publishing site the MSN. And it also sends them all with the email accounts of the Outlook.com.

Even decrepitude version of Windows Xp many still using it because it's easy to use and know how to use it extensively . Think more than 12 years it used by people especially here in the Philippines . And even now of this month of 2014 and the month that Microsoft said not to support Windows Xp are still many users . One reason is the costs of buying new hardware and those new version of Windows Called Windows 7 or 8 is too expensive . But it is truth what comments people especially for the Filipinos . But the truth also with the side of the Microsoft is making a new version for its innovative use for people especially for business .

How to Manage Computer Virus Scanner

Tandem Virus Scanner The virus scanner of our computer is one and first to install in our computer after formatting or reformatting during installation of the computer software. I said software because before the any program we must install first the Operating System. Because the Virus Scanner is the one to protect our newly installed operating system. It is possible that the programs we need in our computer came from the storage devices that probably penetrated with the virus. Or else came from the Internet sites that carried a virus file and once it downloaded to your computer it will cause hang up then it will damage the operating system.

There are many type of viruses that could harm in our computer like the most prominent form of virus that commonly attack our computer this called Trojan. This virus have a multiple virus version that the virus scanner definition is could not define the version in every seconds once you are using your computer in internet or desktop application.

The virus scanner that I know is could perform of the best protection of our computer is the Avira, AVG, Avast, Node 32. The Avira, is widely used in our City because of free edition and auto updates once you turn on your computer and your internet ready. And it's best for scanning if your computer penetrated with a virus.

There are three things that you need to protect your computer against the viruses. Without this or you not perform this in your computer, I'm sure that your computer is subject for reformatting the Hard Disk Drive or else your important files will be lost. Just read it below:


The very easy way to update your virus scanner is to right click the notification Icon of the virus scanner that you have, like the AVIRA, it is the red umbrella icon then click update or else double click the Avira Icon in your desktop. So that it will open and find and click the update button.


Perform Virus scanning of your computer in all drives, just open the virus scanner icon of your desktop and find the scan vrus button and click it. So that it will perform virus scanning in all drives. Remove all files that infected with the virus or else use the move to quarantine for safety of your files.


Deactivated virus scanner can harm your computer files and the Operating System. It will cause damage or corrupt to the files once it can detect virus but could not perform to remove the virus detected because there are no updated virus definition. Use the control Panel then click uninstall program menu under it and find and remove the virus scanner you previously installed. If you want to use other third party software. Just download the CCcleaner new versions that available in Filehippo.com.
It is recommended to run fully the virus scanner in every after use and perform the virus update by performing the instruction above of this post. “End” 

Reply Comments In YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel YouTube channel is one of the most trending application of the internet. This is one of the most idea to earn money or income using the Internet account. And YouTube is one of the most generous that give time to all users of the Google to be one of their partner using the YouTube.

YouTube is one of the profitable product of Google and particularly to all YouTube Publisher. Because YouTube is a video sharing community site, all you need is to become a video publisher. And if your videos is trending in YouTube it is expected more comments and suggestions will flooded in your account. And one of your obligations as a publisher is to answer all the questions, suggestions, and the comments to get satisfy your reader and viewer.
The following list of procedures below describes how to reply your readers and viewer using the video manager of your YouTube Channel Account.
  1. Open your YouTube account.
  2. And click your profile account right side above of your screen.
  3. Click My Channel

Insert Date Automatically In Word Document

Inser tDate Automatically
Microsoft Office Word 2007 is the most common Microsoft Office version in the Philippines. Using Word Processing is used so much in making the communication to various aspects of its use by a user. By compensating for a letter making it needs to do it right and well understood by reading it. And all have full detail and can be read on a portion of this letter or composition using the correct date, time, day, and year.

Microsoft Office Word 2007 is using it within the application. We can set the date and time when it was written accordingly base of the time of your computer system as well as the time and it depends of your time format as you set in the Word document menu.

To understand what I'm talking here in this post, kindly read and understand the list of instruction below: 
  1. Position the cursor of the keyboard of your computer where to place the date and time.
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts.

Google’s Language Translator

Google Translate
Google made the best are those who manufacture different language translator in the field in Internet information . Google is very committed language translator throughout the Internet world . You now have 51 languages can be translated into the different languages.

The webmasters that own websites by Google has a widgets that automatically translate the language of the entire sites . It is a best thing to help users to understand the sites the information they need . And also the big things that help site builders or blog to expand his knowledge of the need of its site users especially those who have not previously studied English , for example in the Philippines using their own language . I understood it and I question if they ever makes intelligent article or composition writing using the English language . And they say not much , and that's the truth because hard to write using the English language . But you have to really because all around us in workshop , work , school , and even at home we have the Computer . And the computer language is not Tagalog but its really English language and truly written in a computer program .

Google New Browser-“Parts and Function”

GOOGLE'S NEW BROWSER Google updated it’s new version of its browser as of 2014, commonly version 36.0.1976.2 dev-m, A web browser built for speed, simplicity, and security. This browser called as Chrome that made of to compete the other common browsers such as the Mozilla Firefox and the Microsoft Internet Explorer. This changes made the Google new interface of its Home browsers that enable the users of the Internet to easily open or access it’s account base of the Google Chrome all products. It is understood that if you login in your Google Mail or Gmail, you are login also in all Google Products, such as the best video sharing community called “YouTube”. And one of the most popular Google Product whom buildup most of the Internet users to become Entrepreneurs and site builders called “Blogger” that have a domain name of the internet called BlogSpot as one of the unique Google’s Product.

Because new versions was build it is also needed to understand the new environment of the program. Such as this Google Chrome that need to download first and installed it in our computer before we can use it in accessing the International Networks(Internet). This version of the Google Chrome has change a lot compare to the old versions.

This post dedicated mostly to the beginners of the computer, most of all to the senior citizens that realizing the need of the technology as of this generation. Gadgets is everywhere and the use of the portable computers is inevitable among of us even a very child, senior citizens, professionals, and workers. It is installed precisely in our smart cellphones that capable in accessing the Internet Applications using the Google Chrome.

Because all the Websites cannot stand without its foundation that cater it in running different applications, our computer needs a one or more than Internet Browsers and one of the most common and mostly use is the Google Chrome. Below are the parts and function of the New Google Chrome version which I stated in the first paragraph of this post.

  1. HOME PAGE- It is the first page of the Browser once you open it using its icon installed in our computer, commonly arrange in right portion of the Desktop using the Microsoft windows Operating System. It is a page of the browser that displayed the Home page of a site that commonly the default of the Chrome is also the Google Site Home page. You can change the Home Page any time you like to changing another setting of URL of a certain site example: YouTube.com
  2. HOME BUTTON- It is a part of the browser situated at the left part of the navigation or address bar. It is use to show the home page of the browser, once you click it will display the Home page setting of the Browser.
  3. BACK AND FORWARD PAGE BUTTON- it is use to back in previous page, once you click the forward button beside it, it will open the page where you last open in a single page of a browser.
  4. REFRESH PAGE BUTTON- if you sense that your page has gone idled or it is hard to open, use this button to refresh the mode again to enhance it’s frequency by loading it again. This is also common of the user to press the F5 or function key 5 of the keyboard.
  5. ADD PAGE BUTTON- this button located beside the default open page. If you want to open a new site or a new page just click this to open a new browser page and type your domain name or url in the address bar situated above your page.
  6. ADDRESS BAR OR NAVIGATION BAR- A websites or Blogsite you wanted to open for a certain information is just like situated very far of your location. In this situation you need to ride but the vehicle you riding needs or equip with to go beyond it and arrive very harmoniously. It’s just like the website you wanted to open. The site needs a browser to cater it so that it will open harmoniously that a user needs the importation he wanted perfectly. And one of the part of the browser is the address bar or navigation bar. This bar is equip with the component to locate a location of a certain site which commonly written as //http. or hyper text transfer protocol meaning an address.
  7. SEARCH ENGINE BAR- this bar commonly place at the center of the browser, it is use to search a query of a certain information which a user needs that information. All you need is to type a keyword or a subject matter you wanted, example if you wanted to find a pet, it is possibly a dog, cat, or a kittens. Because this is a Meta file of the internet it is very possible to gather the information 99 percent correctly the information you need.
  8. SEARCH ENGINE BUTTON- it is located below of the search engine bar. It is use to execute (by clicking the button) the query you type in the search engine bar(#7) so that the information you need, such as a website link or images will displayed in the browser page of your computer.
  9. GOOGLE LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR- because www. of the browser is world wide web of the networks of the computer, the every language that we have is very different. And possibly we could not understand the information you gather form the internet site. Google.com made of so that the problem of the language will be answered and they made it. Just click the button if you wanted to translate the language.
  10. PROFILE MENUS LINK BUTTON- this button commonly position at the right side below of the address bar is use to link a certain profile of your account of the Google Products, such as Google plus and Gmail. If you click one of the button your are automatically open in the website you wanted. And if you login first before the other sites, it is understood that no need to enter again the user name and password.
  11. DROP/DOWN MENU BUTTON- (Also Google Application Menus) it is besides of the profile link buttons, once you click this button it will drop/ down and it will displayed the icons which is also a button of a certain application of the all Google Products. Just click more button below of the ICONS if you wanted to display all the Google Icons of the all Google Products.
  12. GOOGLE ALL SIGN-IN BAR- this bar is also a button that will execute to enter a user name and password, if you don’t have an account of the Google just click below the link name Create an Account so that you can register using the signup page of the Google.com              
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Corel Draw Commands and Explanations

Corel Draw Commands and Explanations
Picture Courtesy of: http://www.pcworld.com/
I posted before the parts and function of the Corel Draw, it’s better to know first the parts before using the User Interface itself. We know that as of now the application of this program is very demand in our generation. Because mostly of our document is graphical. Now the advertisement of different companies needs the application of this program. And they need a graphics artist that capable or expert to use this.

This program is precisely expert and most correlative to perform. You can draw any shape precisely according to your need to your document, example, a logo of a certain company that needed during application or registration. This program also is one of the basic application of the Animation course of a school who offered in this course. And another program is use for editing is the Adobe Photoshop. This two program are works together to enhance a certain application perform by a graphics designer. Such as the graphical application of a victor design.

So, if your a beginner or wanted to know this application personally or you are a student of a certain school needs this. This is helpful to you the Command and Expiations. You can use the following paragraph below. Just read it and study carefully.

Computer Troubleshooting: Fix No Power Problem of your Computer

The No Power failure of our computer is seldom happen in our computer in daily use. This failure of our computer happen only if there are shorted circuits or voltage in a line. There several factors that could be consider if this will happen. Such as over voltage, fluctuations of the circuit line, surge, and or faulty of the of the Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR). Other cause may cause of the hardware itself of the computer, one of the cause is the dust buildup inside the system unit. That cause a corrosion of the pin of microchip (IC). And or the Power Supply Unit(P.S.U.) that primarily convert the live voltage AC that commonly 220 volts here in the Philippines. The main reason is also the dust buildup inside that cause the exhaust fan coil dry-up and that it will burn- up in a moment.

If this has happened of your computer probably it will also cause damage in the other parts of your system unit. One of my customers said that his computer was burn-up. Because he smells a bad odor before his computer become no power failure. I checked his system unit (CPU) and I found that the cause of the failure is the burn of the exhaust fan coil that cause also the HDD power connector, ATX power connector burn-out inside. This causes the RAM, Processor, and the Motherboard (MOBO) itself causes failure permanently and could not be used again after troubleshooting.

If you encounter this failure of computer, give a immediate response to the problem. You need to perform the diagnostic without using the the power supply voltage. But by using a visual inspection of the parts and voltage source of your computer. Just consider the procedure below and try it to follow. And learn how you perform it and solve the problem of your computer. Use this also to solve the problem of computer: HOW TO USE VOM , SAFETY PRECAUTIONS

  • SYMPTOM:       

Power Light is off, nothing happens, nothing on screen

Possible cause:

Main source current, AVR or UPS output voltage, power connector, power supply unit (the fuse was burn), Motherboard (power regulator was damage)

  • Possible Remedies:

Check the line voltage or the wall outlet using a VOLT meter or VOM  if the standard voltage is possible (220-240 volts), Check also the output voltage of the AVR using a VOM, Check the fuse if there are burn indication just remove it in the fuse holder, check the power supply cable using a resistance check of VOM, Check the fuse of the PSU and the exhaust fan can be fanning by pushing it, check the MOBO if there are indication of the burning, and the most basic checkup is the power switch if it is ok, use the VOM resistance check if necessary.

  • Procedure:

  1. Consider that checking the failure of “No Power” is dangerous because it involves a high voltage AC. Just apply a safety precaution of your work and one of that is to unplug PC or unplug the AVR or UPS in the main line or in the wall outlet.
  2. You need a Voltage Ohmmeter(VOM) to check whether the wall outlet have a voltage. You need to apply safety precaution in using the VOM and know how to use the VOM most especially in testing a high voltage or a line voltage.
  3. Now if voltage is possible, go on by testing the AVR or UPS, but check first the fuse itself, if the fuse are blown try to replace it and test the AVR or UPS by pressing the power On switch.
  4. If the AVR and UPS indicates a normal condition check the voltage output if there are 220-240 Volts AC present. And if the voltage indicated in the VOM, consider the step no. 5
  5. Check the power cord using the resistance check of the VOM, but first check if there are any burn indication of the both end of the power cord. If the VOM indicated connectivity of the both end of the power cord proceed to step no. 6
  6. Open the system case and remove the power supply unit of the system unit then open the cover and check if the fuse is blown and using the VOM check the resistance also.
  7. IF the fuse is blown just try to replace it, then try to power up the PSU. But because this PSU is digital it has no power switch attached of the wiring. All you need is to get a paper clip. And jumper the two wire of the ATX connector color green and black.
  8. Then insert the power cord plug to the AVR or UPS voltage output. Once there are no indication of a fanning of a fan or else the fan fanning in moment then suddenly stop. The cause of the problem is the power supply, probably the power amplifier of the of the PSU was damage. Replace the power supply and before to replace it in your system unit just cleanup the internal parts.
  9. After cleaning and install the new PSU try to power up and if it is normal now. Check the BIOS setting of your computer.
  10. Then boot up now your Operating System if the OS is not affected during the failure of the PSU.      


 If the power supply fuse is suddenly blown out during testing so just consider the fact below.

  • If the Power Supply Unit is suddenly blown out during test, it is understood that there are shorted parts of the internal of the PSU of your computer. But before to perform the testing of the PSU after replacing the Fuse. Be sure that the PSU is not connected in the MOBO and you perform the test outside of the System Unit. If this happen just check the MOBO if there are any blown parts or any of the internal parts of the system unit. If this happen dismantle your system unit and replace the damage part of the computer and assemble it and test.
  • Do not attempt to repair the PSU, only consider to the expert technician of Electronics but the problem is the replacement parts of Electronics. Now the very safe is to replace a new one parts and return to full service of your computer.

Garbage Display Failure of Computer

Garbage Display Failure of Computer

One of the most problematic problem that I was encountered of computer video is the garbage failure of the VGA adapter. Probably you will encounter also this problem if you never know this or encounter this problem before. This failure of the VGA adapter may cause even of the different type of the VGA you are using in your computer. Such as PCI the old type VGA, AGP or the Accelerated Graphic Ports, and the New VGA adapter called PCI’e that commonly we use this day of the Windows 7 and 8 edition of the Operating System.

The display of your monitor screen even it is CRT(Cathode Ray Tube), LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), or even LED has a display of a scattered character, see the video here: Garbage Display Failure Of Computer. The cause of the problem happen once the GPU(Graphical Processor Unit), the microchip on the center of the VGA that commonly have an airblock mounted of it cause an over temperature. One of the cause of the problem is a dust buildup of the computer through the VGA and the cooler fan of the heatsink is also weak or cannot perform to blow outside the heat of the GPU. Now once you turn on your computer then once it will perform a POST(Power On Self Test). The display of the computer is scattered, meaning the POST display is garbage.

Use Microsoft Office InfoPath

MS-inFOpath What is Microsoft Office InfoPath? if you notice that the installed Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 Enterprise, 2010, and 2013 versions of the Microsoft Office in our computer is the InfoPath. We not paid attention to this software because we focus only in using the most common application the Microsoft Office word processing, Excel, and the PowerPoint. This application is one of the family of the Microsoft Office that installed or package in a CD installer that we bought. This MS-Office application is a software application for designing, distributing, filling, and submitting electronic forms containing structural data. Is a ready to use tools embedded inside of the User Interface that can be drag to the template. There are various controls that we can use, (see the image left side) are bound to use in the design templates in which featured the WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) in a from designer arrange in a Hierarchical Tree folders and data fields.