Recover Files in USB Flash Drive using Windows 7

Recover Files In USB Flash Drive Using Windows 7

This problem of the USB Flash Drive error is commonly we encountered now a days most particularly you change your operating system from window XP to windows 7. The primary cause why you change your operating system because you cannot update your virus scanner or no virus definition. Another why our USB Flash drive damage because your USB Flash penetrated with virus. And you run or scan it using your un-updated virus scanner and it cause a failure after you open it in My Computer Icons.

Now another is your USB Flash Drive is full and now your inserted it from WinXP then Win7 and or Win 8. Now after you check it or open it instead of a folder icons of file icons you will see that all your data replace with a system driver list of files or a shortcut link that you cannot open your original data or files. Now the error of your USB Flash Drive is the directory boot mode was damage by the different cause that I mention. I encountered also this problem, this is very headache to us most especially if our data inside of the USB Flash drive is very important or a backup data from our computer local drives.

So, what is the very important is to recover the files and the question is How?So I made a study a testing “Trial and Error” using the Windows XP and Windows 7. Now I got the answer how to recover the files and after recover the files you can format now your USB Flash Drive. But remember this, if you encountered the error of your USB Flash Drive, do not attempt to format it or use another 2nd party software like the card recovery utility. It will damage the boot files of your USB Flash Drive. And if this happen no tendency that you can repair or recover your original files.

To begin follow the instruction below: See the image shown above
  1. Open your windows 7 operating system of your computer.
  2. Now once your inside of the windows desktop, insert your usb flash drive in the USB 2.0 or 3.0 usb port. (Note: Be assured that your computer have a virus scanner and updated)
  3. If the virus scanning is prompted do not attempt to run scanning using the pop up window. It will cause damage to the files if cannot be hailed or may remove your original files because of un-hailed scanning of the virus scanner.
  4. Now find your My Computer Icons in Desktop, then double click it.
  5. Once it open, right click the Removable Drive or the USB Flash Drive, then click open.
  6. Once it open, right click in the blank, do not right click the files or ICON links found in that drive.
  7. Then click properties under the auto command provided.
  8. Now a drive properties window will appear, click the tools tab menu button at the top of that pop up window.
  9. Now click the check now button.
  10. A pop-up window will appear that have a check box and it have a two instructions that it said, “Automatically fix system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recover of bad sectors”.
  11. Wait until the computer will instruct a successful recovery or repair of the USB flash Drive. Read carefully the instructions given of that pop up window.
  12. Now, logoff your computer using the start button then click the logoff.
  13. Once you go back in the desktop, open again the My Computer Icons.
  14. Then open the USB flash drive.
  15. Now open the folder name called found000 or any folders that your original files is stored.
  16. Then copy it in the drive D:, be sure to copy all because your are going to clean your USB Flash Drive using format if accepted or delete the damage files.]
  17. Now after copying all important and original files format your USB Flash Drive.
  1. It is very safe to format the USB Flash Drive that have a damage files using the DOS Command.
  2. Click the start button.
  3. Click run or the search bar, then type CMD(MS-DOS command mode)
  4. Now in command line where it has blinking cursor, type this command: Format g: then press the enter key.
  5. Follow and read the instruction provided and understand it.
  6. Now after format is successful go on for the next step.
  1. Copy your original or the backup files to your USB Flash Drive
  2. And run the virus scanning of your computer.
  3. And your done.

  • You can repair your USB Flash Drive after recovering your important and original files.
  • Be sure that your win 7 computer have a new and updated virus scanner. If your not sure do not run the virus scanning in newly repaired USB Flash Drive. It may cause damage to the USB Flash Drive again. 
  • Be sure to remove the USB Flash Drive or eject it using the notification area.   
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This problem of the USB Flash Drive error is commonly we encountered now a days most particularly you change your operating system...
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