Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon Group and Command Tools

Like other application of the MS-Office 2007 and 2010, we need to familiarize the environment of the application. Such as the command menus that we need in our application like this Microsoft Power Point 2007. In this application all the tab menus found on the top are much needed when we are doing or create our slides in different slides layout that we need in our presentation package. Such as to insert a pictures in our slides and apply a 3d and color effects in the slides and another is the slides background that we need to apply. Because this two applications are very most motivated because it is the beauty of the application’s slides.

The five tab menus position above the user interface are most common use, the home, insert, design, and animations because they are to complete your presentation package design application. And the other two tab menus are seldom to use rather than if you want to use the thesaurus dictionary and spelling and grammar checking. But one of the most also important tab menus that could not be found because it is called hidden menu of the Microsoft Power Point 2007 and 2010 called as format menu. This menu will align only to the last of menus if even you inserted a pictures that needs to apply changes called as format such as to control the picture or adjust the high and width of the picture or image.
Lets talk about the different tab menus command buttons under its ribbon or bar position under the tab menus. Kindly open the image shown above left of this post for your references. They are:

  1. CLIPBOARD- located left side of the command menu buttons that could be use for cut, copy, paste function and together with the command buttons of format painter.
  2. SLIDES- located next of the clipboard, it is use for new slides, layout design of the slides, reset the positions or formatting of the slides, and delete slides. They are presented as buttons all you have to do is point and click the buttons.
  3. FONT- they are use to format text called as font inside your slide layout content, they are to change the font size, bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, text shadow, character spacing, change case of the font such as title case and printed case, font color, and clear all format buttons.
  4. PARAGRAPH- this will be applied to the application of the paragraph under or contents in your slides. They are insert number list, bulleted list, increase and decrease list levels, line spacing, alignment buttons: left align, center, right align, and justify, columns, text directions, align text, and convert to smart graphics.
  5. DRAWING- they are group of buttons that used to insert autoshapes and apply arrange objects quick styles of the object inside the application. Also use the 3d effect of color of the drawing inside the slide contents.
  6. EDITING- use this command menus to find, replace, select objects, inside you slide contents.
  1. TABLES- use this command menu button to insert tables for your presentation package, such as to insert number of columns and rows with borders.
  2. ILLUSTRATIONS- they are group of command buttons such as insert pictures, clip Arts, photo album, auto shapes, smart art, and chart or bar graph. You can apply 3d effects application once you inserted it in the slides using the format tab menu that will appeared at the top of the user interface.
  3. LINKS- use this to insert hyperlinks or commonly called as url link of a certain websites into you slide contents and apply action example hover of the mouse by clicking the command button.
  4. TEXT- use this to insert text box, header and footer, word art gallery, date and time, slide number,symbols, and objects inside you slide contents.
  5. MEDIA CLIPS- use this to insert a media clips such as videos and movies and sounds. In Microsoft power point 2010 you use the movie or videos clips as you moving slide background of your application.
DESIGN TAB MENU              
  1. PAGE SETUP- use this to apply margins, paper size, and paper or slide orientation for your presentation package.
  2. THEMES- are use to design or use automatically the built-in design of the slide. Once you hover in your mouse one of its buttons it will preview in your default slides, and you can apply color design, fonts designs, and effects in your slide contents.
  3. BACKGROUND- use this to apply background of your slide templates and you can hide background graphics also if you wanted.
  1. PREVIEW- use this to preview the slides of your presentation package. It will display according to the number of your slides.
  2. ANIMATIONS- this will add or make you slide objects to move or animate as will applied effects of your slides contents. The word animations simplify as the application of the moving objects and sound effects inside your slide templates. Just use the down arrow as provided and select your animate such as fade.
  3. TRANSITION TO THIS SLIDE- this command menu buttons are use how you move the slides according to your own design using transitions, if you want to test it just hover your mouse cursor to the buttons of it. And you can click/select your transition sound, set transition speed,on mouse click, and sit the time interval of its slide content, and click the apply to all  buttons. You can use this most particularly if your presentation package use for advertisement purposes.
  1. START SLIDE SHOW- use this to apply either from beginning, from current slide, and custom slide show to present your presentation package to your audience.
  2. SETUP- use this to setup slide show, hide slide, record narration, rehearse timings, and or checkbox use rehearse timings.
  3. MONITORS- RESOLUTION: use this command menu buttons to adjust the resolution pixels both vertical and horizontal positions of your monitor screen, and such away show presentation on, or check box use presenter view.
  1. PROOFING- use this command menu buttons to apply spelling and grammar check, use thesaurus dictionary, translate, and language.
  2. COMMENTS- use this to show markup, new comment, edit comment, delete comment, previous and next comment.
  3. PROTECT- simply use to protect your presentation package that cannot be open or change the application accidentally or intentionally.
  1. PRESENTATION VIEWS- these are command menu buttons of normal slide, slide sorter, notes pages, slide show, slide master, handout master, and notes master. Use this to view according to its original position.
  2. SHOW/HIDE- use this to show and hide ruler, grid lines, and message bar using the check box.
  3. ZOOM- use this if you want to display the slides in gradual view and bigger view called as fit to window or just use the sliding bar below of the screen.
  4. COLOR/GRAY SCALE- use this to apply color changes of your slide design, such as color button, gray scale, and pure black and white.
  5. WINDOWS- use this command menu button for new window for your slides, arrange all, cascade, move split, and switch windows.
  6. MACROS- use this to view all your macros application from which you can run, create or delete a macro.

That’s all the command menu buttons of the Microsoft Office power point presentation. The format tab menu is not included but it will appear only once you insert images, pictures or objects inside the slide templates. Just click it and hover your mouse to view the application using the different command buttons. “ see you next post”
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Like other application of the MS-Office 2007 and 2010, we need to familiarize the environment of the application. Such as the command men...
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