Microsoft Excel Common Tab Menu Command Buttons

In Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 versions are also most complex in application and more also the location of the menus and command buttons under the menu were changed. This will most affect to the newly user of the computer Microsoft Excel Application, and mostly to the beginner of the computer. But for me this version is very friendly and easy to use, compare to the old versions that the menus will drop/ down to the worksheets area. But compare to the new versions that uses a tab menus same of the dialogue box that we’re commonly used.

The purpose of this post is letting you guide where the command buttons you will use according to your application, in such away you will not loiter in the different parts of the MS-Excel 2007 environment. I will guide you only the most common tab menus and its command buttons that always use in our logical calculation of the excel. Such as the Home Menu, Insert, Page layout, and formulas then other three menus the Data, Review, and view are seldom use in applications. concentrate in four menus that I stated here and study interestingly so that you will learn how to use this new versions of the Microsoft Excel. If you have learning before of the old versions the MS-Excel 97 and 2003 is very cool all you have to do is to familiarize the environment of this new versions. Now lets talk about these tab menus and command buttons:

  1. CLIPBOARD- same of the other application of the Microsoft Office this is use to cut, copy, paste, and format painter.
  2. FONT- use this to change font style, font size, increase and decrease font, bold, italic, underline, apply borders and fill color, fill color, and font color.
  3. ALIGNMENT- use this to apply alignment: top, bottom, bottom align, left, center, and right, text orientation, decrease and increase indent, wrap text, and merge and center buttons.
  4. NUMBER- these buttons are use to apply currency symbol such as dollar, percentage style, comma style, and increase decrease decimal. You can click also the drop down bar to select other number formats application.
  5. STYLES- use this buttons to apply conditional formatting, format table style, and cells style.
  6. CELLS- use this to insert cells, rows and columns, delete use cells, and format cells, example height and width.
  7. EDITING- use these buttons to apply auto sum functions, fill and clear buttons, sort and filter, find and select buttons.
  1. TABLES- use these buttons to insert pivotal table and tables in your worksheet table.
  2. ILLUSTRATIONS- same of the other MS-Office application use this buttons to insert pictures, clip art, autoshapes, and smart art graphics.
  3. CHARTS- use this to insert 3d column bar, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and select other 3d charts in your worksheets.
  4. LINKS- you can insert URL or hyperlink using the hyperlink button.
  5. TEXT- use these buttons to insert text box, header and footer, word art gallery, signature line, object, and symbols.
  1. THEMES- apply this button to change the overall design of the worksheet area, colors, fonts, and effects.
  2. PAGESETUP- use this buttons to setup margins, paper orientations, paper size, print area, page break, apply background of the worksheet, and print titles.
  3. SCALE TO FIT- use this buttons to adjust width and height to shrink of the printed output.
  4. SHEET OPTIONS- use this checkboxes to apply gridlines and headings of the worksheets. You can use also the dialogue box of the page setup current window.
  5. ARRANGE- use this buttons to arrange objects and align it in your worksheets.
  1. FUNCTION LIBRARY- This group of buttons are the compilation of the logical function or formulas that could be use for your Excel Application, such as insert function, ex countif, auto sum, date and time, and other buttons found here.
  2. Other group of formulas with the buttons used are define names, formula auditing, calculation, and solutions for currency conversion, such as euro conversion and formatting.

For the execution of the formulas for the logical calculation you can use actually the worksheet area. Just type it in the cell of columns and rows rather than using the buttons of the menu command. For me its the very easy way to type it in straightly beside of your data where you need to find or apply summation function and other type of the formula in your worksheets. “That’s all see you next post.” 

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In Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 versions are also most complex in application and more also the location of the menus and command butto...
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