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How to Manage Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop


Microsoft Windows 7 will fully use the coming years 2014 and we will leave behind the friendly user windows experience, the most friendly user environment operating system. Because of the compatibility need of the program such as the virus scanner that mostly of us using the free anti virus software such as the Anti vir. If you’re using window xp until now you have no virus definitions that compatible to your operating system. So all we can do is to upgrade our computer so that it will compatible to the windows 7 or windows 8 compatible system either 32 bit and 64 bit compatible. Piracy or pirated windows installer is still go on, but as of now we have already installed operating system once you buy a new branded computer and notebook computer. So, all need is to run the recovery disk if ever it will cause damage in your operating system.
win7 desktop Gadgets

Now, if you’re new user of the Microsoft windows 7 and windows 8, the purpose of this post will let you guide the most basic operation of the windows 7. Then the basic operation of the windows 8 will follow in my next posting. Windows 7 and windows 8 have a different use most especially in the part of the graphical user interface such as the Desktop.

win7 desktop properties

The first thing that I will introduce is how to manage the windows desktop of the windows 7. Remember that the Desktop is the most highest hierarchy of the Operating System because it is the upper part of the program that the user will work or begin to work in the computer system application. This desktop also is the group of icons and small pictures represents as shortcuts of the program. Commonly in our previous post there are 8 parts of the windows desktop of windows 7. They are desktop icons, taskbar, start button, quick lunch, notification area, wallpaper, and mouse cursors and now we have the marvelous gadgets position at the right side of your windows 7 desktop.

win7 desktop resolution setup

Follow this procedure how to manage your windows 7 desktop: (see the image shown above)

  • How to adjust screen resolution
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Click screen resolution.
  3. A dialogue box will display, click that drop/down bar of resolution.
  4. Then use the sliding bar to meet your screen resolution.
  5. Then click one of it, ex: 1024 x 800.
  6. Then click ok button. (Now if you are not satisfied of the screen resolution after you set it just repeat only the procedure)

  • How to setup your desktop Gadgets
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Then click Gadgets.
  3. Once the dialogue box will appear double your gadgets you like, ex: calendar and wall clock
  4. It will automatically position in the right side of your windows 7 desktop.
  5. Point and use the handle of the gadgets to drop/drag the gadgets of the desktop.

  • How to setup you desktop background or wallpaper
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Click personalize.
  3. Once the dialogue box will appear, select either classics or themes.
  4. Just click or double click the wallpaper as your background themes or click desktop backfground below.
  5. Then select your desktop background.

If you want to setup a screen saver jus click the screen saver button, it is the fourth button at the right side. Then follow the screen instructions. “See you next post”

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