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How to Manage Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop


Microsoft Windows 7 will fully use the coming years 2014 and we will leave behind the friendly user windows experience, the most friendly user environment operating system. Because of the compatibility need of the program such as the virus scanner that mostly of us using the free anti virus software such as the Anti vir. If you’re using window xp until now you have no virus definitions that compatible to your operating system. So all we can do is to upgrade our computer so that it will compatible to the windows 7 or windows 8 compatible system either 32 bit and 64 bit compatible. Piracy or pirated windows installer is still go on, but as of now we have already installed operating system once you buy a new branded computer and notebook computer. So, all need is to run the recovery disk if ever it will cause damage in your operating system.
win7 desktop Gadgets

Now, if you’re new user of the Microsoft windows 7 and windows 8, the purpose of this post will let you guide the most basic operation of the windows 7. Then the basic operation of the windows 8 will follow in my next posting. Windows 7 and windows 8 have a different use most especially in the part of the graphical user interface such as the Desktop.

win7 desktop properties

The first thing that I will introduce is how to manage the windows desktop of the windows 7. Remember that the Desktop is the most highest hierarchy of the Operating System because it is the upper part of the program that the user will work or begin to work in the computer system application. This desktop also is the group of icons and small pictures represents as shortcuts of the program. Commonly in our previous post there are 8 parts of the windows desktop of windows 7. They are desktop icons, taskbar, start button, quick lunch, notification area, wallpaper, and mouse cursors and now we have the marvelous gadgets position at the right side of your windows 7 desktop.

win7 desktop resolution setup

Follow this procedure how to manage your windows 7 desktop: (see the image shown above)

  • How to adjust screen resolution
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Click screen resolution.
  3. A dialogue box will display, click that drop/down bar of resolution.
  4. Then use the sliding bar to meet your screen resolution.
  5. Then click one of it, ex: 1024 x 800.
  6. Then click ok button. (Now if you are not satisfied of the screen resolution after you set it just repeat only the procedure)

  • How to setup your desktop Gadgets
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Then click Gadgets.
  3. Once the dialogue box will appear double your gadgets you like, ex: calendar and wall clock
  4. It will automatically position in the right side of your windows 7 desktop.
  5. Point and use the handle of the gadgets to drop/drag the gadgets of the desktop.

  • How to setup you desktop background or wallpaper
  1. Right click in the blank of desktop.
  2. Click personalize.
  3. Once the dialogue box will appear, select either classics or themes.
  4. Just click or double click the wallpaper as your background themes or click desktop backfground below.
  5. Then select your desktop background.

If you want to setup a screen saver jus click the screen saver button, it is the fourth button at the right side. Then follow the screen instructions. “See you next post”

Learn the Most Basic Application of the Corel Draw

CorelDraw Logo Design Application
Corel Draw Logo Design:
One of the most demand application of the computer software is the Corel Draw. Not only the Microsoft Office is well known but also this Corel Draw and another is the Adobe Photoshop. This two software are most common installed in our computer, mostly those users that have a gift of Drawing. Corel Draw is use to draw objects in most specific way, all the measurements are base in correlative way and we can say that it most or very perfect and accurate in terms of measurements and design. It is good of creating logos and other designs using our hands using the property tools of this graphical application.

This post is an instructions how to create objects or how to draw a very simple way or a basics of the graphics application. In such a way you are going to learn how to draw a simple logo. You will learn in this post in how to draw shapes, add color to objects, duplicate objects, rotate objects, mirror objects, import images from another file, fit text to a path , use the Smart drawing tool, use the Ellipse tool, use the Rectangle tool, use the Interactive drop shadow tool, use the 3 point curve tool, and use the Text tool.

But all you need is to install the Corel Draw 12 or a CS3 compatible if your windows is XP Service Pack 3 and Windows 7. But if your operating system is windows 7, you need to make it compatible to the windows 7 operating system.

The procedures: See the drawing above.

Recover Files in USB Flash Drive using Windows 7

Recover Files In USB Flash Drive Using Windows 7

This problem of the USB Flash Drive error is commonly we encountered now a days most particularly you change your operating system from window XP to windows 7. The primary cause why you change your operating system because you cannot update your virus scanner or no virus definition. Another why our USB Flash drive damage because your USB Flash penetrated with virus. And you run or scan it using your un-updated virus scanner and it cause a failure after you open it in My Computer Icons.

Now another is your USB Flash Drive is full and now your inserted it from WinXP then Win7 and or Win 8. Now after you check it or open it instead of a folder icons of file icons you will see that all your data replace with a system driver list of files or a shortcut link that you cannot open your original data or files. Now the error of your USB Flash Drive is the directory boot mode was damage by the different cause that I mention. I encountered also this problem, this is very headache to us most especially if our data inside of the USB Flash drive is very important or a backup data from our computer local drives.

So, what is the very important is to recover the files and the question is How?So I made a study a testing “Trial and Error” using the Windows XP and Windows 7. Now I got the answer how to recover the files and after recover the files you can format now your USB Flash Drive. But remember this, if you encountered the error of your USB Flash Drive, do not attempt to format it or use another 2nd party software like the card recovery utility. It will damage the boot files of your USB Flash Drive. And if this happen no tendency that you can repair or recover your original files.

To begin follow the instruction below: See the image shown above
  1. Open your windows 7 operating system of your computer.
  2. Now once your inside of the windows desktop, insert your usb flash drive in the USB 2.0 or 3.0 usb port. (Note: Be assured that your computer have a virus scanner and updated)
  3. If the virus scanning is prompted do not attempt to run scanning using the pop up window. It will cause damage to the files if cannot be hailed or may remove your original files because of un-hailed scanning of the virus scanner.
  4. Now find your My Computer Icons in Desktop, then double click it.
  5. Once it open, right click the Removable Drive or the USB Flash Drive, then click open.
  6. Once it open, right click in the blank, do not right click the files or ICON links found in that drive.
  7. Then click properties under the auto command provided.
  8. Now a drive properties window will appear, click the tools tab menu button at the top of that pop up window.
  9. Now click the check now button.
  10. A pop-up window will appear that have a check box and it have a two instructions that it said, “Automatically fix system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recover of bad sectors”.
  11. Wait until the computer will instruct a successful recovery or repair of the USB flash Drive. Read carefully the instructions given of that pop up window.
  12. Now, logoff your computer using the start button then click the logoff.
  13. Once you go back in the desktop, open again the My Computer Icons.
  14. Then open the USB flash drive.
  15. Now open the folder name called found000 or any folders that your original files is stored.
  16. Then copy it in the drive D:, be sure to copy all because your are going to clean your USB Flash Drive using format if accepted or delete the damage files.]
  17. Now after copying all important and original files format your USB Flash Drive.
  1. It is very safe to format the USB Flash Drive that have a damage files using the DOS Command.
  2. Click the start button.
  3. Click run or the search bar, then type CMD(MS-DOS command mode)
  4. Now in command line where it has blinking cursor, type this command: Format g: then press the enter key.
  5. Follow and read the instruction provided and understand it.
  6. Now after format is successful go on for the next step.
  1. Copy your original or the backup files to your USB Flash Drive
  2. And run the virus scanning of your computer.
  3. And your done.

  • You can repair your USB Flash Drive after recovering your important and original files.
  • Be sure that your win 7 computer have a new and updated virus scanner. If your not sure do not run the virus scanning in newly repaired USB Flash Drive. It may cause damage to the USB Flash Drive again. 
  • Be sure to remove the USB Flash Drive or eject it using the notification area.   

Microsoft Excel Common Tab Menu Command Buttons

In Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 versions are also most complex in application and more also the location of the menus and command buttons under the menu were changed. This will most affect to the newly user of the computer Microsoft Excel Application, and mostly to the beginner of the computer. But for me this version is very friendly and easy to use, compare to the old versions that the menus will drop/ down to the worksheets area. But compare to the new versions that uses a tab menus same of the dialogue box that we’re commonly used.

The purpose of this post is letting you guide where the command buttons you will use according to your application, in such away you will not loiter in the different parts of the MS-Excel 2007 environment. I will guide you only the most common tab menus and its command buttons that always use in our logical calculation of the excel. Such as the Home Menu, Insert, Page layout, and formulas then other three menus the Data, Review, and view are seldom use in applications. concentrate in four menus that I stated here and study interestingly so that you will learn how to use this new versions of the Microsoft Excel. If you have learning before of the old versions the MS-Excel 97 and 2003 is very cool all you have to do is to familiarize the environment of this new versions. Now lets talk about these tab menus and command buttons:

  1. CLIPBOARD- same of the other application of the Microsoft Office this is use to cut, copy, paste, and format painter.
  2. FONT- use this to change font style, font size, increase and decrease font, bold, italic, underline, apply borders and fill color, fill color, and font color.
  3. ALIGNMENT- use this to apply alignment: top, bottom, bottom align, left, center, and right, text orientation, decrease and increase indent, wrap text, and merge and center buttons.
  4. NUMBER- these buttons are use to apply currency symbol such as dollar, percentage style, comma style, and increase decrease decimal. You can click also the drop down bar to select other number formats application.
  5. STYLES- use this buttons to apply conditional formatting, format table style, and cells style.
  6. CELLS- use this to insert cells, rows and columns, delete use cells, and format cells, example height and width.
  7. EDITING- use these buttons to apply auto sum functions, fill and clear buttons, sort and filter, find and select buttons.
  1. TABLES- use these buttons to insert pivotal table and tables in your worksheet table.
  2. ILLUSTRATIONS- same of the other MS-Office application use this buttons to insert pictures, clip art, autoshapes, and smart art graphics.
  3. CHARTS- use this to insert 3d column bar, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and select other 3d charts in your worksheets.
  4. LINKS- you can insert URL or hyperlink using the hyperlink button.
  5. TEXT- use these buttons to insert text box, header and footer, word art gallery, signature line, object, and symbols.
  1. THEMES- apply this button to change the overall design of the worksheet area, colors, fonts, and effects.
  2. PAGESETUP- use this buttons to setup margins, paper orientations, paper size, print area, page break, apply background of the worksheet, and print titles.
  3. SCALE TO FIT- use this buttons to adjust width and height to shrink of the printed output.
  4. SHEET OPTIONS- use this checkboxes to apply gridlines and headings of the worksheets. You can use also the dialogue box of the page setup current window.
  5. ARRANGE- use this buttons to arrange objects and align it in your worksheets.
  1. FUNCTION LIBRARY- This group of buttons are the compilation of the logical function or formulas that could be use for your Excel Application, such as insert function, ex countif, auto sum, date and time, and other buttons found here.
  2. Other group of formulas with the buttons used are define names, formula auditing, calculation, and solutions for currency conversion, such as euro conversion and formatting.

For the execution of the formulas for the logical calculation you can use actually the worksheet area. Just type it in the cell of columns and rows rather than using the buttons of the menu command. For me its the very easy way to type it in straightly beside of your data where you need to find or apply summation function and other type of the formula in your worksheets. “That’s all see you next post.” 

Microsoft PowerPoint Ribbon Group and Command Tools

Like other application of the MS-Office 2007 and 2010, we need to familiarize the environment of the application. Such as the command menus that we need in our application like this Microsoft Power Point 2007. In this application all the tab menus found on the top are much needed when we are doing or create our slides in different slides layout that we need in our presentation package. Such as to insert a pictures in our slides and apply a 3d and color effects in the slides and another is the slides background that we need to apply. Because this two applications are very most motivated because it is the beauty of the application’s slides.

The five tab menus position above the user interface are most common use, the home, insert, design, and animations because they are to complete your presentation package design application. And the other two tab menus are seldom to use rather than if you want to use the thesaurus dictionary and spelling and grammar checking. But one of the most also important tab menus that could not be found because it is called hidden menu of the Microsoft Power Point 2007 and 2010 called as format menu. This menu will align only to the last of menus if even you inserted a pictures that needs to apply changes called as format such as to control the picture or adjust the high and width of the picture or image.

The Most Common Microsoft Word 2007 Tab Menus

Common OfficeTabMenu2007
For our application in new versions of the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 versions it is difficult to find the application buttons using the menu bar or called as tab menu bar. It is located at the top of your Microsoft Office User Interface, if read my previous post of the part of the Microsoft Office 2003 versions you will differentiate the highest versions that we’re commonly use now. They are very different of the positions of the menu tool bar or called as tab menu toolbar.

The difference between the versions of the 2003 versus 2007 and 2010, the 2003 is using the drop/down menus of the command application. Compared to the 2007 and 2010 that called as simple environment using the tabulated menu toolbar. The command buttons of the menus will displayed in horizontal style with the very clear icons that embedded in the bar.

Now this post will let you guide in the very simplest way so that you will know where you find your command application using the tab menu button. There are three most common or always use tab menu button under this versions. That basically always applied to our documents. They are Home, Insert, and pagelayout tab menus. Kindly read below and read the image shown in the left side of this post.

  1. CLIPBOARD- this is usually use for the cut, copy, paste application including the paste special for the metafile and html document format.