Parts of the Open Office Writer Calculation

Parts Of The Open Office Calculation
Basic Parts Of Open Office
 Calculation Worksheets
Open Office Calculation is the Microsoft Excel in Microsoft Office that we have always use or common to our calculation using the spreadsheets. We could not denied that almost of us could not afford to buy the Microsoft Office package particularly the new versions that we need this day. Because of the high cost of every installer DVD, like us here in the Philippines. So, mostly of the small businesses and Internet Cafes using this Open Office application for there office documents automation.

The purpose of this post, I will let you learn or familiarize the basic parts of this Open Office User Interface. So that you will get easy to navigate your Open Office Calculations  from title bar down to status bar. Here they are: (SEE THE POST PICTURE ABOVE)

  1.  TITLE BAR- Its located above the User Interface of this program, it tells what is the save name or filename of you data.
  2. MENU TOOLBAR- It is below or underneath of the title bar, they are the main menu or the drop down menu so that the user can select the application tools using the customize style.
  3. STANDARD TOOLBAR- Located below the menu bar, they are use buttons that commonly use of our application in worksheets, such as spelling and grammar suggestions, open save open, the cut copy paste command, etc.
  4. FORMULA BAR- Is an editor bar of the application, this bar is use to edit a command or data inside the worksheet area. beside situated left is called the NAME BOX- that tells the user where the location of the worksheet cell to be edit or to be input inside the worksheet table.
  5. FORMATTING TOOLBAR- This bar is located upper of the formula bar, this is use to change the or restructure the form of the object, text, or numbers inside the worksheet area, such as font style and size, alignment, increase decrease decimal places, etc.
  6. WORKSHEET AREA- This is the biggest part of the entire user interface, it is compose of the horizontal and vertical lines to form the intersection of the data inside the worksheet, called the column and the rows.
  7. COLUMN HEADERS- They are columns found at the top of the worksheet represented with the letters or alphabets to indicates the numbers of columns in one single worksheets in a workbook. Commonly in low versions of the Office Automation, single worksheet composed of more 256 columns.  
  8. ROW HEADERS- They are rows situated left side of the worksheet area, they are horizontal grid lines and counted using the numeric numbers represents of its rows. Commonly the total numbers of the rows found in one single worksheets are 1048576 in Open Office worksheets.
  9. WORKSHEET CELL-  This is a rectangular form with a tiny square right side down, once you click your mouse it will move in the worksheets area, it is notified the position using the name box above the worksheet area. This is use as reference data so that you can type the data or edit the data inside the worksheet area by pressing the F2 or double click your mouse.
  10. AUTOFILL TAB- It is a tiny square position right side down of the worksheet cell, it is use to automatically filling the calculations of the preceding columns and rows of the Data, example: if you type the series numbers, so you need to type 1 and 2 and highlight the two numbers, then point your mouse cursor of the autofill tab and drag down it.
  11. WORKSHEET TAB- They are tabulated style of the worksheet found at the bottom of the worksheet. They are the worksheets of single workbook in this application. Commonly it have a three worksheet tab as a default name worksheet 1 up to 3. If you want to rename and add it, you need only to right click the tab and select the command.
  12. STATUS BAR- Located below of the worksheets tab, it is use to notify the numbers of worksheet use and tells what formula you use in your worksheet table.
  13. ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT SLIDING BAR-  Located right side down of the User Interface, it is use to zoom bigger and adjust lower the screen, rather that using a selection of numbers by percentage to increase or decrease the size of the worksheet user interface of this application.
These are all parts of this application, the MS-Excel and Open Office Calculation have commonly same in application. So nothing change whenever you will use the logical formula in your worksheets table. All you need is a basic of the Microsoft Office application. "End"

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Basic Parts Of Open Office  Calculation Worksheets Open Office Calculation is the Microsoft Excel in Microsoft Office that we have al...
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