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What is AutoFill Tab and how to use it in Microsoft Office Excel Versions

Autofill tab is a tool of all versions of the MS-Excel that located or built-in right side down of the worksheet cell of the entire worksheet area of the Microsoft Excel. This is use to auto execute or auto filling a calculation after a logical formula created in the intersection of columns and the rows. Using the white cross cursor of the mouse and pointing it to the autofill tab, it will change right away into a black cross hair or a thin cross cursor of the mouse. And by holding the left mouse button and drag it down until to the last rows of the column, it will sum all the logical functions of your calculated data. See the image shown above of this post.

Let’s say, if we will calculate a series of numbers using the worksheet, we should type the 1 on the first row of data in a columns and type 2 in the next row of data in a column. And highlight the two numbers using the shift combination hold shift key and press right arrow key then down arrow key or use the white cross hair of your mouse to highlight the two numbers.

Then point your mouse cursor to the autofill tab then drag down your mouse until to the last rows of columns of your data calculation. See the image shown above of this post.

In addition of this application using the autofill, you can directly execute or calculate an ID number of employee’s number in your worksheet. By typing the first ID number in the first rows of data and the second ID number of the preceding rows of data, example ID number is 56-00A-10 and 56-00A-20. It should understood that the computer will perform the logical function of the two numbers that have a distance of 10 or what we called by ten numbers count.

Use this autofill also if you wanted to fill of the month and day, including the exact year assign in its columns of data. And proceed to execute the autofill of your worksheet. And if you wanted to put a remark of your worksheet just do it by typing the logical function if that I was given in my previous post of the Microsoft Excel. And even if you perform logical function using the sum, average, count, minimum, maximum, grand total using the sum, vertical look and horizontal lookup and even slope and intercept. And even using the four mathematical operators that we use every day. Example, a standard notation that could be applied in logical function in our worksheet.

Just message me if you have questions and leave it in the comment bar below of this post. “End”

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