Microsoft Office Publisher 2007- ‘Create Business Card’

Create Calling Card using MS-Publisher 2007
I posted the other day about the Microsoft Publisher 2007 parts and function. So that, you will know the familiarized the environment of the User interface. Now, let’s go on how to create a project using this application of the Microsoft office automation. Let’s create the most common use for our works and easy to create. Unlike using the Corel draw is needed the most skills how to manipulate the program. And this only need is the basic of MS-word application and the MS-paint.

One of the most common uses is a calling card or business card. We need this always even if we have no business because everyone of us have a cellular phone, most likely if we have position on the company that could easily given to our associates and to our clients. So, before you go on you must sure that the Microsoft Office Publisher installed in your computer as one of the customized program installed in your Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 package. If completely installed follow this steps:

  • Open up the Microsoft Publisher 2007 or 2010

    1. Click the start button
    2. Go to programs
    3. And click Microsoft office 2007 or 2010
    4. And click Microsoft office Publisher 2007 or 2010
    5. On the starting window double click the thumbnails icon Business Card
    6. On the next window of the application, you will see the Publication Bar on the left, templates on the center, and the customize bar on the right
    • Create your business card templates
    1. On the center of your application window you will see the different templates. All are group into 3 designs they are: newer design, classic designs, and the blank designs.
    2. Just select your favorite design template, example: Classic design, then click pixel
    3. Under the customize bar select your color scheme. Just click the drop/down bar then select your favorite color
    4. Then select your font scheme, example: verdana
    5. Then click the create new under the business information
    6. A dialogue box will display on onscreen
    7. Just change the business information set describe on its bar, such as individual name, job position or title, organization name or name of the company, address, phone or fax, and email, even you can add tag line or photo, and add logo. Just click the add logo button and follow the onscreen instruction on the next window.
    8. Next click the paper size under the options then select landscape or portrait.
    9. Then click create button below the screen.
    10. Now, you will see your business card design template, you can add now other application to enhance the design by adding effects
    11. Just click the  shadow design button under of the formatting toolbar
    12. If you want to change the paper size and the template just click the button on the left bar
    13. And if you look that its completely design your business card your ready for the printing on it
    • How to print your business card
    1. Before you print you must to print preview first
    2. Just click the print preview button under of the standard toolbar
    3. Then if you look good and ready for printing just click the print button above or hold ctrl key and press P, then press enter key button to start printing
    4. It will produce a 10 copies of business card pages
    5. And now your done

    You have now your business card or calling card and you not need to go in graphics artist. All you need is to standby in your computer and perform the application. You benefitted the application plus the budget and time and took the experience in using the Microsoft Office Publisher 2007. “ End”  

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    Create Calling Card using MS-Publisher 2007 I posted the other day about the Microsoft Publisher 2007 parts and function. So that, you...
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