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How to Apply Alignment of MS-Office Excel Worksheet Table

how to apply alignment of worksheet table
This post is dedicated to the very beginner of the Microsoft Excel using the two versions, the office 2003 and 2007. As a beginner it is not easy to recognize how to align the worksheet title and the worksheet label of MS-Excel worksheet table. Using the application menu or by using the right click of the mouse through the highlighted portion. And use the auto command format cells and then use the dialogue box using the alignment tab menu button.

Just look the image shown below of this post, if you observe the worksheet title position on the column A1 as we do always begin in typing in the beginning of the column header. And the worksheet label is not arrange well and the other words of it is hidden inside the columns, example the employee number.
Formatting CellsThen observe this second image, you will observe that the worksheet title and the label is align on the center of the worksheet table and the worksheet label is arrange very well inside the intersection of the columns and the rows.

In regards with this application of this worksheet, just do this procedure to enhance your ability in using the Microsoft Excel and form the worksheet table neatly.
  • Create your worksheet table
  1. Type the worksheet title in column A and row 1 or A1
  2. Highlight the worksheet accordingly base of the need of your Data, example 21 rows and 9 columns(21R X 9C), use the shift combination, hold the shift key and press the right arrow key until to the last column you need and press the down arrow until to the last rows you need of your data. Just look the name box of the MS-Excel and observe that it will displayed the exact number of rows and columns, example: 21R x 9C. Be sure that once you highlighting a worksheets of your data table begin on the column A and after of your worksheet title just below on it.
  3. Just right click on the highlighted portion
  4. Then click format cells
  5. Then dialogue box will appear, click the border tab menu button
  6. Just click the outline imaginary box
  7. Then click inside imaginary box
  8. Observe the preview of the border, it must have just like a cross inside and the outline form in both sides.
  9. Then click ok button below of the dialogue box.
  10. Now you have a worksheet table in your worksheet area, just below the worksheet title.
  11. Now you’re ready for the alignment or formatting the position of the title and the worksheet label. But just type or insert first the worksheet label in every first columns of your worksheet table.
  • Apply alignment of the worksheet title
  1. Notice always that in centering the worksheet title, all you need is to highlight only a single row of the title within the row. If ever if you have a multiple titles same of the post image above. Highlight accordingly from the beginning of the column A with the row until to the last columns you use of your data table.
  2. Once highlighted, use the home menu and click the merge and center button under of the alignment bar or ribbon. Now you will observe that the worksheet title will move to the center of your worksheet table. Just repeat the procedure to the other worksheet title.
  • Apply alignment of the worksheet label
  1. Notice always that in centering the worksheet label with the columns respectively, all you need is to highlight all the worksheet labels from the beginning of the column until to the last column of your worksheet table.
  2. Then right click on the highlighted portion
  3. And click the format cells
  4. A dialogue box will appear on your screen, just click the alignment tab menu button
  5. Now you will see the application of the text alignment, text control, and orientation. But all need is to focus only of the text alignment and text control. And remember that you,re dealing with multiple data with the columns and the row.
  6. Click the drop down bar of the horizontal and click the center.
  7. Click the drop down bar of the vertical and click the center.
  8. Now, in the text control, just check box on the wrap text. Do not check box the merge cells because there are multiple data or text with the columns and rows. It will erase the other labels or the preceding labels after you click the ok button of the dialogue box.
  9. Now you will notice that the labels will arrange accordingly to the intersection of the columns and the rows.

Now, that’s all just leave your question if you have clarification regarding with our MS-Excel worksheet table. Just type your message in the comment bar below. “End”  

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