Common Parts of Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

One of the Microsoft Office program stored in compact disk is the Microsoft Office Publisher. This program is enhancing precisely to fit our need in design and template design application using the toolbars we are commonly used in Microsoft Word application. It’s easy to use compare to the old version 97 and 2003, it’s a drag/ drop because of the ready to fit and use buttons inside the command application bar, such as the task panel. This task panel serves as the docking bar of the most frequently use command application such as the format publication.

For me this Microsoft Publisher 2007 and most particularly to the 2010 and 2013 design have a more built-in ready to use design pack in the Design Gallery Object. And all can be formatted into 3d effects format with enhance color palette such as the Pantone ® colors that can be access in the color palette normally we use of the MS-Word. And enhance and more font styles already in the formatting bar.

This application is designed to meet our need, particularly if we don’t have Corel draw or we don’t know how to use this graphics application program. But thanks to the Microsoft we can make now our business card without paying to others. Because it is now in your computer that it is very easy to use program. All you need is a basic computer operation or an experience of how to use the MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or just study this program and you will notice that your now expert to use this.
But before that let me to know you the basic parts, just look at the post picture shown above:

found at the top of the User Interface of the program and use to display the filename of the application.

  • Menu Toolbar- situated below or underneath the title bar. It is the drop/down menu bar that have a multiple command buttons inside of it that can be use of the design application application of both the template, object, and effects.

  • Standard toolbar- It is the most common use buttons inside of it, normally same of the bar found of the MS- Word. Such as Open that can be access using CTRL + O, Save, print, and or print preview buttons.

  • Formatting Toolbar- It is the buttons inside of it use to change the appearance of the both the text, objects, font, size, and colors of the design application. It is the bar use to interpret what our like to design. So, just design and find your creativity.

  • Object Bar- bar found at the left margin of the user interface(UI), it is use to hold the buttons of the objects application such as the word art gallery and the selected autoshapes. That can be use to click and drag, task pane docking, or displaying a dialogue box inside the application window.

  • Task panel- located next of the object bar, it is use to dock the commonly use command application. It is reverseable once you apply the application menu or a bar provided in the interface window.

  • Design Template- it is the big part of the interface window, the part where you perform your application. That surrounded with the vertical ruler at the side and the horizontal ruler on the top.

  • Vertical Ruler or Horizontal Ruler- use to measure visually the size of the design inside the design template using the linearity of the inches measurements.

  • And that’s it again follow this blog for the design of the business card or calling card using the MS-Publisher 2007. “End”

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    One of the Microsoft Office program stored in compact disk is the Microsoft Office Publisher . This program is enhancing precisely to fit...
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