16 Basic Control Keys of Computer Keyboards

16 Basic Control Keys Of The Keyboard
The keyboard of the computer is use to enter commands of the computer using its operating and other application program, such as the Microsoft Office and programming language coding. There are different type of the keyboard, as of now we have touch screen keyboard for the windows 8 operating system. But commonly we are using the QWERTY designed keyboard that came from the design of the type writer.

Commonly, there are five major functions of the keyboard; they are function keys, alphanumeric character, special keys, cursor keys, and the numeric keypad. The Alphanumeric Character compose of the following keys; letters from A-Z, numbers from 1-9 and reset 0, symbols, punctuation keys, and the special keys situated left side, bottom, and right side of the alphanumeric character of your QWERTY keyboard.

Now, this post will introduce to you the one of the special keys of the alphanumeric character called CTRL key or the control keys of your keyboards. They are two CTRL keys found of your keyboard located in the bottom left and right. This is use to function another keys for a certain command of the computer, called common shortcuts of the Windows Operating Systems and the Microsoft Office application. They are listed below, if you want to perform an actual procedure, just open the Microsoft Word. Just click start button, point to all programs, find the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, then click Microsoft Word.

For your practice, just type any paragraph or type “The quick brown fox down over the lazy dog”. Then remember that you cannot perform the procedure if could not highlight the paragraph or a line of paragraph. In how to highlight the paragraph, just hold the CTRL key then press letter A (all), then proceed and follow the list of controls describe below:
  1. CTRL + Z= UNDO
  2. CTRL + X= CUT
  3. CTRL + C= COPY
  4. CTRL + V= PASTE
  5. CTRL + B= BOLD
  6. CTRL + N= NEW
  8. CTRL + S= SAVE
  9. CTRL + F= FIND
  10. CTRL + G= GOTO
  12. CTRL + Y= REDO
  14. CTRL + I= ITALIC
  15. CTRL + O= OPEN
  16. CTRL + P= PRINT

To perform or use this all controls of the keyboard just hold the CTRL key and press the letters describe above. And observe what happen to your document template. “ End”  

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The keyboard of the computer is use to enter commands of the computer using its operating and other application program, such as the...
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