Create Superbrands Logo using Microsoft Office Word 2007

Create super brands logo using Microsoft Office 2007
Superbrands logo is commonly found on the product displayed in many malls awarded as one of the best people’s choice product on the market. There are lots of graphical applications to create this superbrands logo such as the Corel draw locally installed in our computer. And online graphics application, such as PIXLR. But in that graphical application it’s so very complex to do so, you need a ability of a graphic artist skills to form this logo. So, as a beginner, it’s impossible, and you need to study first how to use the Corel draw application. But thanks to the Microsoft Office 2007, using the MS-Word 2007 we can create now a simple logo such as this super brands logo. With the enhance 3d application of both color and design. Using the autoshapes button of the Insert Tab Menu then illustrations bar. And you can select now the stars and banner to start creating the super brands logo.

This is very simple, even you are a beginner you can create this, it will needs only a basic of MS-Word application. And a one unit of computer installed the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. Now if you have this computer and installed now the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, just power up and open the MS-Word. So, where you begin first? Just follow this instruction:

  1. In MS- Word 2007 just click the Insert Tab Menu button
  2. Then click Autoshapes button under the Illustrations bar
  3. Then click 16 points star
  4. And in the document template drag your mouse and calculate that it will form an equal circle
  5. Then apply a color or a 3d color using the format tab menu
  6. Just click first the autoshapes you put in the template
  7. Then click format tab menu on the top of your MS-Word application
  8. Then click the more button under the shapes styles
  9. Then select your gradient 3d color, just click it
  10. If the color is applied now, apply the shadow effects to make it enhance
  11. Just click the shadow effects button
  12. Then select the shadow style 16, or select your own
  1. Click the Insert Tab Menu
  2. Click AutoShapes Button
  3. Then click Oval button
  4. Now, drag it on the center of the 16- point star, be sure to form it equally on the 16- point star banners.(Same of the image above shown in this post).
  5. Now apply a line or outline of the oval to make it pretty look.
  6. Click the shape outline button of the Format Tab menu button
  7. Then point to dashes then click square dot
  8. Then click again the shape outline button
  9. Point to weight
  10. Then click 3 pt
  11. Then click the more buttons again under the shape styles
  12. Then select your gradient color
  1. Click Insert Menu Button
  2. Click AutoShapes Button
  3. Then click curve up ribbon under the stars and banners
  4. Then drag it on the bottom of the oval and the 16 point star
  5. Make it balance to make it pretty look
  6. Apply shadow effects and colors of the curve up ribbon you inserted. (Same of the image shown above of this post)
Now you can type the text inside of the superbrands logo you created using the stars and banners and 3d effects application. Just follow this steps to insert or edit a text:
  1. Just right click inside the oval
  2. Then click add text
  3. Now, type the text same as the image shown above. If you want create your own
  4. Now right in the curve up ribbon to add text
  5. Click add text
  6. Then type the text same as the image shown above. If you want create your own
  7. Now apply font style, size, and colors
And now, you have a simple and unique superbrands logo, but if you want to jpeg the file just follow this steps:
  1. Press Print Screen SysRq key of your keyboard
  2. Then open the MS-Paint
  3. Then click Edit Menu
  4. Then click paste
  5. Now save it as .jpeg by changing the save as type as .jpeg
  6. Click save button under it.
  7. Now, ctrl N for new document
  8. Click insert tab menu button
  9. Click Picture button under it
  10. Then select where you save your superbrands logo you create as jpeg
  11. Then click it
  12. And click insert button position on the bottom of the dialogue box
  13. Now, once inserted inside the template, click the jpeg superbrands logo
  14. Then click format tab menu button
  15. Then click crop under the size bar just located on the right side end position of the format menu
  16. Once you click, use the crop node in every corner of the picture to crop the picture of the superbrands logo in a picture size
  17. Once the superbrands logo is now a picture size, right click on it and click copy
  18. Now open the MS-Paint
  19. Then click Edit menu
  20. Then click paste
  21. Now save your picture as jpeg
Now your done, the superbrands logo is ready now to insert in any type of document or sent it via email. Just follow this blog for next update. “End”

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Superbrands logo is commonly found on the product displayed in many malls awarded as one of the best people’s choice product on the mark...
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