Create Certificate of Recognition using MS-Word 2007

One of the most we need is the Certificate, whenever we will graduate in any training or short term courses. We think about how to create if we will assign to do this. There are different programs that we can use to create these certificates. Such as using the Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop but we need the best skills before we can use the different tools of this graphics application program. But thanks to the Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, we can create a Certificate using the great and perfect tools that fitted to the application such as the autoshapes with effects application to enhance its look in the paper or in the template and the page color background that you can customize through the color palette and select your page border.

So just follow this instruction to create a simple certificate.Be sure that you installed a Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 in your computer before you can go on in your application. And all the tools and command buttons is enabled using the show quick access toolbar above the ribbon. Just look the example certificate shown of this post.

  • Apply Page Setup of the Document Template
  1. Open up your MS-Word 2007 or 2010
  2. Page setup your application using the page layout tab menu toolbar
  3. Click the Margin button
  4. Then go to the more margins and click it
  5. Under the dialogue box, adjust the margin size both 0.5” top, bottom, left and right, neglect the gutter.
  6. Then click landscape orientation of the paper size
  7. Then click paper tab menu
  8. Adjust the width size to 13” instead of 11” for standard certificates
  9. Then click ok button below the dialogue box. 
  • Apply color background or page color
  1. Click the page color button under the page background of the page layout tab menu
  2. Then select your color that fitted to your certificates or official color and customize it using the fill effects
  3. Then under the fill effect dialogue box, select gradient
  4. Click/ select 2 colors
  5. Then under the color 1 drop down bar, select a color
  6. Then under the color 2 drop down bar, select a color
  7. Then click ok button
  • Apply page border of the whole document
  1. Click Home Tab menu button
  2. Then under the paragraph bar click the borders and shading button
  3. Under the dialogue box select a line style, just use the built in scroll bar to select a list of borders
  4. Click the color drop down and select a color for your page border
  5. If you want a built in art for your page border just click the drop down bar name art
  6. And select your art page border
  7. Then adjust the size if necessary, just click the width bar, use the up/down arrow bar built on it.
  8. Then click the box position on the left of the dialogue box
  9. Then click options button on the right below of the whole document.
  10. Uncheck always display in front
  11. And adjust the four margins, top, bottom, left, and right to zero.
  12. Then click ok button
  13. And click ok button to continue in the template
  14. Now observe your work
  • How to insert logo beside the company’s name or school 
  1. Click insert tab menu button
  2. Click picture button under the illustrations bar
  3. Under the insert picture dialogue box, click the look in drop down bar
  4. Then select/click the drive or folder where you save the logo
  5. Then click it
  6. Then click insert button just below the dialogue box
  7. Then format the picture
  8. Just right click on the picture
  9. Point text wrapping
  10. Then click tight
  11. Now you can move or arrange the logo freely and just click right side on it to type the company’s name or school
  12. Just format the text or font that fitted to your certificates and apply font color using the Home tab Menu button
  • How to insert banner
  1. Click insert tab menu button
  2. Click the shapes button under the illustrations bar
  3. Then select/click the curve down ribbon
  4. Then drag it on the template where you want to position it.
  5. Then arrange it accordingly
  6. Just right click on the banner to add the text or title of the certificates
  7. Apply the font styles
  • Apply look and feel of the autoshapes and logo
  1. Apply picture styles, just click the picture first
  2. Click the format tab menu button
  3. Then click the reflected rounded rectangle
  4. Then see the beauty of your logo
  5. Just repeat the procedure to the autoshapes you use of the template, such as the banner.
That’s it, after you design your logo and autohapes including the fonts, just type the Name of the receiver. Don’t forget to type the title of the receiver name and type also the statement of the certificate. Just format it and apply the font formatting using the Home tab menu button. “ End”

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One of the most we need is the Certificate, whenever we will graduate in any training or short term courses. We think about how to create...
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