Why your Notebook Computer Cause No Display

This gadgets may cause trouble called "no display" if once over use
My friend's notebook/laptop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of the very serious errors of a notebook computer is the no display, you will notice that your note computer has lights of the power indicator and movement of the hardware internally. But nothing happens on the screen, no start files and even lights came from the caps lock key. There are different possible of hardware cause by the damage, ether the RAM, LCD/LED screen, or the VGA(Video Graphic Adapter) chip of the notebook computer. With this error, the damage itself is hard to repair, excluded the RAM if the only cause is the dust buildup of the contact pin. We can remove it by cleaning using the eraser and the notebook computer will back in normal mode. But when the notebook computer cannot recover from your preliminary troubleshooting its understood that 80 percent your notebook computer has a serious damage on the part of the main board or in the LCD/LED monitor screen.

With this problem of the damage, our technician has skills to perform this, but it will become trial and error to try to recover the display problem. But I’m surely that your notebook computer will not display again. When it will display again it will create error again and again because of its weak performance of the IC. And this you will decide to replace the said parts, example the main board or the LCD, but this hardware has a high cost its 80 percent of the price of your notebook when you bought it in the store. And that’s the problem, it’s better to replace a new one rather than to repair. And in the long run the trouble will back again and repair again.
So, why our notebook computer cause no display?Let us consider this following cause and see you just experience this during the time your notebook is good and in the moment cause this problem.
  1. It’s big possibility your notebook has buildup dust inside and the exhaust fan cannot perform better because its block by the cab web and that's the main board heated to much and cause fry.
  2. You use your notebook in a very longer time without using cooler pad to warm normal the temperature of the processor. And that's the VGA chipset or the Northbridge IC affected and cause serious damage.
  3. Overload of the program such as installing a high capacity games of your notebook without consulting the system requirements.
  4. Drain of the backup battery and instant off of the unit that cause damage of the HDD and the controller IC created damage to the VGA chip because of overheated parts.
  5. Accidentally dropping out the unit, that cause damage to the LCD/LED. This liquid crystal display is easily broke-out because of its tiny flex wire connected to the main panel.
  6. Charging the battery while the unit is running and unnoticed that the battery is full. This will cause drain to the battery that cause damage also to the main board. Its better turn off the unit and charge the battery well until it will full.
  7. Full memory or full HDD media and VIRUSES penetrated in notebook computer. This problem has contributed no display problem of the computer without attention to the unit and use it. This will cause damage because of the heavy loads of the unit while working on the files. It will cause overheated to the processor and towards the VGA chip.          


  • Learn to use your gadget properly using manuals and technical tips to avoid headache and highly cost parts of the notebook computer when it cause problem.
  • The payments of the service repair of the technician, remember that your unit is not only a single thousand but a thousands of pesos or a hundreds of dollars. The payment is high price
  • Technicians will ask you a maximum price of the repair. So be careful in using your laptop, or else you will contribute works to the technician together the repair payments.
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My friend's notebook/laptop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) One of the very serious errors of a notebook computer is the no disp...
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