Use Google Drive to Backup your Files and Data

Google Drive User Interface
Saving our important document is one of the most important tasks we need in any application of the computer. But today we have options to upload it using the internet. But this time, because of the past trend of technology is just very vivid and clear that we can use now the Internet to backup our Data. And this we can assure that our documents and files are closely secured. And the most unique and very convenient to all is, we can access now our document we need whenever where we are on this planet.

Google is very generous, they created this storage using the Internet and this is one of the hundreds of their products offered as free charges of 5GB of their storage server, you can see here: Google Drive. And can be automatically access or use it whenever we are using our email. By simply clicking the button lower down in the compose message. So, instead of using the attach file as you are going to upload your files from your local computer, use the Google Drive to sent it automatically to your business contacts and friends of your email.

Now word backup or the term backup is very common to the user as duplicates using the copy and paste using the local drive of your computer. By means of the Google Drive, you can upload your files and document using the upload button. So that you can have your duplicate files and document stored in the Google files Server. And you can download it anytime if you need your files and document.

 So, if you're a beginner of the Google and don't have any account of the or a email, just create your email account here, GMAIL or click this link: Create Gmail Account. If you have now an account of Gmail, just follow this steps how to backup your files and documents by following this steps:

  1. In your browsers, you will see above and underneath of your browsers address bar the menu of Google, just click the Drive.
  2. Just type your email and password so that you can login to your account
  3. Once you login, you're now inside of your Google Drive Account, same as the post picture above I've shown.
  4. Under of the left bar of your account, situated top, an orange button that have an arrow going up, just click it to start your uploading of your files and documents.
  5. Now you have to link command to upload either files or folder, just click one of it, example files.
  6. A source windows or destination name open, will guide you where you save your files for upload, just click the look in drop down bar and select the drive of your computer, example: DATA D:
  7. Now just select the files by clicking it, if you have bunch of files or more than, just hold your CTRL key and click of your mouse to select the bunch of files.
  8. If all is highlighted your ready to click the open button below of your window
  9. A pop up bar will commence just right side of your account, just wait until all files is 100% uploaded in your Google Drive Account.
  10. If finish you're done.    

If you want to access your email account, just click the Gmail menu at the top underneath of your browser address bar. And it will redirecting you to your email account. And just click only the compose button of your email. The button of the Google Drive located under your writing pad. " End" 

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Google Drive User Interface Saving our important document is one of the most important tasks we need in any application of the compute...
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