Use and Functions of Google Docs Word Processing

Google Docs Word Processing Application:
Through the enhancement of the internet applications, Google the leading online sites of Internet unveils the innovations of online application of office automation through word processing directly online using the Google Drive. e Same as the User Interface of the MS-Word that as common to us installed in our local computer.

This document application enterprising with the command drop/down menu. Just like as the MS-Word offline application in our local computer. From File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table and Help. Including to create suggestions of grammar and spelling check. And the most unique of all is the Research Command under the Tools menu that you can research the meaning of the word you use in your document.

In order to familiarize the environment of this Google Document or Word Processing lets learn first the basic parts before any application.

  1. Title Bar- This is where you can put your document title by clicking it and type the document title using the pop up windows.
  2. Menu ToolBar- Use as the tools that commonly use by the user to create or form the documents including formatting or changing fonts styles in application.
  3. Formatting ToolBar or Formatting Buttons- Use as the formatting commands by select and click your mouse on the command buttons found in this bar. Including the printing, undo and redo, font style, font size, and other more of your document using online. The application buttons in this bar are commonly use as in our document processing.
  4. Horizontal Ruler- Situated top underneath of the Formatting Toolbar, use to measure document physically particularly the margin on the left and right.
  5. Indent Bars- Situated built-in of the ruler in left and right, this use to indent a line of paragraph or we called first indent of the paragraph building. Or indenting a paragraph such as the topic sentence both left and right indention. This indent bar is can be applied using the Tab Key of your keyboard.
  6. Document Template- The wide part of the Google Docs application where you can type and build your paragraph and word processing application.
  7. Vertical Scroll Bar- Situated right side end of the application, this is use to roll the page up and down or top and bottom that can function also using the page up and page down of the keyboard.
That's all the basic parts of the Google Docs that I know, if you have no Google account you cannot use this Google Docs word processing. Either you can create your account here in this link:Create Your Gmail Account. Just visit this blog post for another application tutorial how to use this Google Docs, such as How to page setup your document." End"

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Google Docs Word Processing Application: Through the enhancement of the internet applications, Google the leading online sites ...
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