Know the Parts of Microsoft Office One Note 2007

Microsoft Office One Note 2007
Microsoft One Note is one of the customize program under the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. This application is use as a notebook or it just a simulation of a notebook that we use commonly to take note our important task or use by the student to take note lessons from their teacher. Same with the word processing you can use the formats of the font, such as font style and font size and apply color on it. And even apply bullets and numbering in the writing pad. The same with the background you can select a customize template to fit in your document type.

The difference between this application to the other application of the MS-Office 2007 is you can stored or insert your different files even in different formats such as Visual Basic, .ppt, .xls, .doc, and other form of files that possibly found in our computer storage media. You can try it using the insert menu found in the top of the One Note User Interface. And even you can access or shared your data from the Outlook email of your computer. With the most stunning and arrange design using the tab menu to shuffle your pages in every note. With the left sidebar and right sidebar to easy navigate your design template and the categories in every note pages and subpages. And make also as the task bar once you use other command application such as the page setup menu.

To start using this application of the Microsoft Office One Note 2007 you need to check the program files of your desktop, just follow this:
  1. Click Start button
  2. Go to programs
  3. Then Microsoft Office 2007
  4. Then find under on it Microsoft One Note 2007 or 2010
  5. Then click it
But if happen that you not found the One Note you need to reinstall your Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010. Either to you if you will use the pirated installer or a genuine. If you will use the not genuine installer your computer will suffer with the error and bug that will struck during or once you login in your Microsoft Online Account. You need a basic knowledge how to install a program and be sure to tick the Microsoft One Note during the installation.
Then just explore and familiarize this basic parts. See the post picture above for your convenience.
From the top
  1. Title bar- found at the top most common use to display the filename of the application
  2. Menu Tool Bar- loaded with different form of application menu to meet the need of the user of the application. That commonly located underneath of the title bar above the standard tool bar.
  3. Standard tool bar- located at the top of the application below of the Menu tool bar. Commonly use for most common command button such as the new page and subpage.
  4. Formatting tool bar- located below the standard tool bar and loaded with the command button use to change the appearance of the font such as Bold, Italics, underline, font size and style and even you can insert bullets and numbering using this bar.
  5. Tab name or pages and subpages- located at the top of the writing pad or notebook page, this is use to easily reshuffle the note pages by clicking it.
  6. Writing pad or writing page- this is where you can type and insert your document and application
  7. Right Side bar- commonly use or display here the template design that where you can easily navigate and select your template that fit to your application.
  8. Right side bar- use as the task bar or the different command application that suite to your application. And the title of the every page and subpages will see here in the first place of the application.
  9. Search Bar- commonly use to easily search the document of the entire application. But it has a level of application to serve the confidential or limit the files with in the application.
That’s all again about this application of the One Note of Microsoft as my first post. Just visit always this blog for the another updates of this  application. “ End” 

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Microsoft One Note is one of the customize program under the Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. This application is use as a notebook or it...
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