How to start notebook using MS- One Note 2007

Start your application using MS- One Note for your computer application works. I just posted the parts and function and the introduction of this application. Now let’s start how to use it and how to begin to work using this application of the Microsoft Office 2007. All you need is to install the Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 and be sure that the MS-One Note is included during the installation. If your a beginner you need a basic application of the word processing or the Microsoft Word. And have a knowledge or instructed by or knew the subject matter you want in your One Note. Such as if you are a Student you might be to use One Note as your research compilation note for your works and gather all data using this application.
The first I will impart to you using this application is How to start your Notebook, either the pages and subpages including the page setup and renaming the pages name and section name of your notebook and the use of format menu. So lets start now and just see the post picture left side of this post. Take Note that we cannot perform the Page Setup if we cannot setup the either the pages, subpages or the section for the notebook.

  1. Just power up your PC or Your Notebook Computer
  2. Once you are in the Desktop open your Microsoft Office and Click One Note 2007 or 2010
  • How to setup your notebook
  1. Just click the file menu
  2. Point your mouse cursor to new
  3. Then click notebook under on it
  4. Then select a category example, student semester notebook
  5. Then type the name or the title of your One Note application using the name bar above of the current window you use
  6. click next button
  7. Now select options under it, click and select “I will use it in this computer”. Note: this is only use for single computer, if you’re using a group of research with many computer use the second option or the 3rd option.
  8. Then click next button to continue
  9. Then if you want to change the target drive where to store your application just click browse button. If not just click the create button below.
  10. Now your Notebook has been setup now, you are ready for the next, the page setup
  • How to Page Setup One Note Notebook
  1. Click file menu
  2. Then point and click Page Setup
  3. Just use the right side bar as your page setup task bar
  4. On the size bar that have auto just click the drop down bar
  5. And select the paper size of your Notebook, example letter, this is 8.5” x 11” is a short notebook
  6. Then select the Orientation by click the drop down bar, example landscape
  7. Then adjust the margins, top, bottom, left and right
  8. Then select rule line and page color
  •  How to rename the section name just beside the name of your notebook
  1. Point your mouse cursor in section tab of your notebook page
  2. And click rename
  3. And type the name of your section tab
  4. Then type the Page Name or the subpages name just below the section tab
  5. And now your notebook is ready for the application of your computer using the Microsoft One Note

If you want to insert a bullets and numbering or insert a files from your computer HDD, just click the insert menu and format menu.
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Start your application using MS- One Note for your computer application works. I just posted the parts and function and the introductio...
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