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How to Setup Dialup Networking using Network Modem

Dial-up Networking Of Computer
One of the most common connections that were used of the computer before in order to connect of the internet is using the computer Modem. Modem is derived from the word Modulator and Demodulator. It’s simply to demodulate and modulate the analog signal to digital signal came from the telephone line in order to decode the information (signal) by the computer system. It has only a 56 kb/s speed once you connect to the internet using the telephone line through your computer and using the Dial-up Card of the ISP(Internet Service Provider). This connection is obsolete now in this generation and was change by the new topology using the LAN, MAN, WAN. And the very new topology without using a wire that have a maximum speed of 100 mb/s or what we called WIFI (Wireless Fidelity).

But if you want to install a Dial- up Networking I just written here the steps but be sure that your computer have a modem, internal or external modem installed of your computer and of course a telephone line and Dial-up network card of your ISP. If ok just follow these steps:
  1. Log-in as computer Administrator
  2. Then click start button, point to settings, then click control panel
  3. Click printers and other hardware
  4. Then click phone and Modem options
  5. Specify the dialing information of your location and then click ok button
  6. On the modem tab, click Add
  7. The follow the instructions in the new modem wizard
  1. Click start button
  2. Point to settings
  3. Click control Panel]
  4. And click networking and internet connections
  5. And then click network connections
  6. Click the dial-up connection you want to configure, and then under network task, click change settings to this connections.
  7. On the general tab, under connect using, click the modem you want to configure, and click configure.
  8. Under hardware features, select the checkbox options you want to enable
  9. If you want to enable the modem speaker, select the enable modem speaker check box.
  1. Click start button
  2. Point to settings
  3. Click control Panel
  4. Click network and internet connections, then click network
  5. Under network task, create a new connection and then click next button.
  6. Click connect to the network at my work place and then click next button.
  7. Click dial-up connection, click next button, and then follow instructions of the new connection wizard.
  8. Now your Done
This connection you need rg 11 cable, internal modem card or external modem card installed or connected in your computer’s CPU. And a telephone line. All you have to do is to connect the rg 11 cable from the telephone will be connected to the modem line port of the Modem card of your CPU and the telephone will be connected to the telephone line of the Modem Card of the CPU. If this perfect you can perform now the instruction given above. “End”

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