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How to Page Setup or Create Margin using Open Office Writer

We know that there are three Office Application program of our computer, namely Microsoft Office, Open Office, and the Star Office. The two office program are very common of our computer. The Microsoft office and the Open Office. This two office application have the same description of the application. Such as the word processing, electronic spreadsheets, and presentation package that we need so much in our office application.

So, in this post I will teach you how to use this Open Office Writer as our first lesson of Word Processing. The very most basic is "How to create page setup", because in this page setup we know that we should create margin, orientation, and paper size before we can print our document.
 So just follow this simple steps:
  1. Power Up your computer
  2. Once you bootup in Desktop, click the start button if WinXp, if Win 7 click the Start button, then click all programs and find the Open Office. org 3.3 versions, or winXP go to the programs. Then point to open office.org 3.3 then click the Open Office. org writer.
  3. Once your Open Office Writer is display in your screen you are ready to page setup your document template
  4. Now, click format
  5. Then click Page 
  6. A dialogue box will display in your screen
  7. You can adjust or select now the paper size, just click the drop down bar of the format under the paper format
  8. Then select your size, ex: letter size (Note: the letter size should have a size of 8.5" x 11")
  9. Then select your paper orientation, ex: landscape
  10. Now, adjust your margins, (note: the margins default is 0.79" both the top, bottom, left, and right)
  11. After you can click the background menu tab if you want to color your paper. Or paper background
  12. Then select your color, ex: gray color 20%
  13. If you want to adjust the header and footer size of your document just click Header menu and footer menu
  14. Then check box header on, then adjust the size of the header, repeat only the procedure in sizing the footer.
  15. You can apply border if needed in you document, just click border menu
  16. Now select your line style and color line
  17. Now click Ok button if your finish
  18. And your done, your ready now to type your document
That all how to create or use the Page Setup element of the Open Office Writer. Just follow always this post for the next update. I will post another application using the Open Office. You can use this Office Application whenever your Microsoft Office is damage or not installed in your computer. There are element of the Open Office is not the same location compare with the Microsoft Office such as the file page setup menu. "End"

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