How to Network Computer using Peer to Peer Connections

One of the most common uses of the computer through our daily work is to create a network. Network is a group of computers connected to each other to form a Local Area Network (LAN). For the purpose for sharing resources such as printer, scanner, DVD ROM, or files within your room or office. This network connection is one of the most common network model called PEER to PEER. Or called as computer to computer network connection. This network connection uses only two computers, two RG 45, and category 5E UTP cable just create this as crossover LAN wiring. And you can now connect your computer printer and share your files within this two computer. But you need to setup an IP address and workgroup in your computer Operating System before it will connected. 

Just follow these instructions to begin this task. You can use this actual application of network connection when you take Philippine TESDA exam of NC II.
  1. Just create first the crossover LAN Wiring using the UTP cable cat 5E and RG 45
  2. Then connect the crossover cable in the both LAN port of the two computers
  3. Then proceed for IP address setup
  4. Click start button
  5. Point to settings
  6. Then click network connections
  7. In the networks connection window, just right click of the network connection icon
  8. Then click properties
  9. In the Local Area Connection Properties window use scroll down then click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  10. Then check box “Show Icon In Notification Area When Connected”
  11. Then click Properties button
  12. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties, select option “Use the following Ip Address”
  13. In Ip Address bar type your Ip Address ex:
  14. Then just click the subnet mask bar
  15. Then click Ok button
  16. Then click close button
  17. Now you’re ready for the setup of your network workgroup name
  18. Click start button
  19. Point to settings
  20. Then click Network Connections
  21. Now in the Network Connections window Click the “Setup the home or small office network”, just situated top left side bar of the window
  22. Then Network wizard window, click next button, and click next button of the proceeding window
  23. Then select option “ other” then click next button
  24. Then select option “ This computer belongs to a netwok that does not have an Internet Connection
  25. Then click next button
  26. Type your computer description, ex: Intel P4
  27. Type your computer name, ex: PC1
  28. Then click next button
  29. Type your workgroup, ex: OFFICE
  30. Then click next button
  31. Then select option “Turn On file and printer sharing”
  32. Then click next button
  33. Then click next button
  34. Wait until it will finish
  35. Select option “Just finish the wizard”
  36. Then click next button
  37. Click finish button
  38. Then in the pop up window, click “Yes” button to restart your computer
  39. And after restarting you’re ready for your printer and files sharing
  40. Repeat only this procedure to the Network computer or to your second computer
If you want to use the My Computer Icon for the setup of the workgroup and computer name just follow this steps
  1. Right click in My Computer Icon
  2. Then click Properties
  3. In system properties window, click Computer Name tab menu
  4. Then type your computer description in the bar provided
  5. Then click change button
  6. Then type the computer name in the bar in the proceeding window
  7. Then type your workgroup name in the bar provided
  8. Then click ok button
  9. Then restart your computer when instructed
  10. And your done
  11. Repeat only the procedure of the Network computer or to your second computer
When starting is finish and back in the desktop you’re ready for your printer and file sharing. This is my next post of this blog just follow always. “ End”

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One of the most common uses of the computer through our daily work is to create a network. Network is a group of computers connected to e...
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