How to Manage your Google Chrome Browser

HOW TO MANAGE YOUR GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER Internet browsers are one of the most important utility installed and use in our computer. There are lots of browsers available to download and free to use. But one of the most and best use and common to the user is the Google Chrome. We know that browsers are practically defined as the one to cater the internet sites to our computer once it is connected to the internet. It is the source of the functionality of the plug-ins itself so that the application of the internet such as the internet files, settings and multimedia will work together to our computer, example; the videos of the

Using this Google Chrome browsers there are different settings that we need to adjust or we need to consider. Such as the Homepage of the browsers that could be our favorite sites that whenever we open our browser for internet site connection the first page would be display automatically. Another is the settings of the History, this setting is use as one of our privacy settings that we need to erase our internet sites URL leave in the browser’s address bar or the cookies registration stored in our drive. 

In order to learn this in actual, perform and follow this simple instruction. Be sure that Google Chrome is installed in your computer. If not just click this and installed in your computer, Google Chrome or use this link to download, Download Your Utility 
  1. Open up your Google Chrome browser, if you have no internet connection its ok. The settings could be set without any internet connection or can be work even offline.
  2. Once it open click the customize button top right end and below the close button of the Google Chrome browser. Same as the post picture above.
  3. And click the settings menu under the drop down list of the customize button.
  4. Now a settings would appear in front of you, start the settings that you need in your Google Chrome.
  5. Now under on the startup pages or the home page there 3 options click the set pages link
  6. A pop up box will appear, just click and type the web site address of the site you want to homepage, ex: Or just click the new tab above the address bar and type the site address. And once it open copy the Url and paste it in the start up page pop up box using the add new page bar.
  7. Then click ok
  8. Then check box or tick the box called “Show Home Button” under of the under of the appearance. And if you want to installed the Bookmark bar just tick the bar under it.
  9. You can select your search engine bar if you want the other network site, example the Bing or Yahoo. Just click the drop button and select the search engine.
  10. Then click the Button said “ Make Google Chrome” as your Default browser
  11. Then click the “show advance Settings” link
  12. Then under it the Privacy Settings is next, click the button said “ Clear the browsing Data”, note just do this only if you want to clear the address bar or your browsing history of the internet.
  13. Then a pop-up box will appear, under it check box the entire instruction in clearing your browsing history.
  14. Then click the drop down bar situated right that said “obliterate the following items from, example: the past hour
  15. Then click the button said below “Clear browsing Data”.
And now your common settings of your Google Chrome browser is set now. There are other settings situated below the clear browsing. Such as the Add Printer and the target location where to save your download files from internet. The default target location is the Download Folder of the My Documents. If you want to change just click the change button. Just follow this post for the next update of the Google Chrome browser. “ End”
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Internet browsers are one of the most important utility installed and use in our computer. There are lots of browsers available to down...
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