Facebook Timeline and Tagging Settings

Facebook Timeline and Tagging SettingsFacebook is common to us, a big social network of the Internet we know and even a child can talk about the Facebook  And many of the computer users who are beginners and really created account without reading and understanding the Facebook Terms and Policies and Facebook Privacy governing of this social network. And we the users as the social community used the tools and application including adding friends, commenting, and even performing ads and business using this social network of the Internet. It just like we went of the Public Park and perform our relaxation and otherwise we do our business and meet our friends, family, and relatives. But at the back of our activity along the way of our relaxation and business activity we not notice the assurance or the security that we' re secure all the time. And we don't know the don'ts and Dos.

Now FB or Facebook is equipped with this security application rather than before. There are plenty of our added friends that we don't knew who they are and displayed comments, posting videos, and tagging pictures that we don't like. And the Facebook Administration arm the full security application to comply the needs of the user or the entire Facebook community.

Here are the important Timeline and Tagging settings including the security settings. But let us know first what is tagging and timeline and security.

  1. Timeline- is word use to specify things on the internet that you would like to display in very artistic manner, events, pictures arrange orderly.
  2. Tagging- is a word use to specify things on the internet particularly the pictures you posted, that those allowed users can't change the appearance or put a tag name or a short identification in which that a user can express feelings. But sometimes against by the user feelings because of its expressions through or offended comment.
  3. Security- a word use to specify something done in our account that we need to secure and prohibit our friends or other friends of our friends to secure our privacy and limitations through the social network or in our Facebook Account and or in any Internet Sites.   
So how to setup this:
  1. Open up your browser
  2. And open the Facebook or click this to login: Facebook.com
  3. Then enter your login name or your email account and password
  4. Then once you login successfully, click the security settings button right side of the home page button
  5. Then click see more settings under of the drop down list
  6. Then Privacy Settings and Tools will display on screen same of the post picture shown above of this post
  7. Then click security under the left side bar situated above below of general
  8. Once you click it there are several security settings that you should setup for your account, ex: login approvals
  9. Just click the edit link right side of the screen and follow the onscreen instructions
  10. Just repeat the procedure in setting up the Privacy, timeline and tagging, and even blocking your friend
  11. And your done, just click your account page to go back in your account

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Facebook is common to us, a big social network of the Internet we know and even a child can talk about the Facebook  And many of the comp...
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